Knowledge Base: UE4 Sequencer Python Cookbook

Article written by Euan C.

UE4 Sequencer Python Cookbook

Sequencer is a cinematic editing tool that uses various specialized tracks which are used to define the makeup of scenes.
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Hopefully, all of this will make it somewhere in the documentation. More examples and coverage of making/using unreal tools in your documentation and/or learning center would be very useful.

with Python, how does one add a Geometry Cache (alembic) section pointing to the proper alembic cache?

Found some answers.
Here is how to add a geom cache to a sequence:

cache_asset = unreal.load_asset("/Game/path/to/cache_asset")
cache_actor = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.spawn_actor_from_object(cache_asset,unreal.Vector(x=0.0, y=0.0, z=0.0))

actor_binding = level_sequence.add_spawnable_from_instance(cache_actor)
# adding a geom cache
cache_track = actor_binding.add_track(unreal.MovieSceneGeometryCacheTrack)
anim_section = cache_track.add_section()
anim_section.set_range(start_frame,end_frame) # start and end frames

# add the cache asset 
params = anim_section.get_editor_property("params")

And this is of use to others who may be looking for it.
Adding sub sequences to another sequence:

 # this adds an empty subscenes track to add something too
master_track = top_sequence.add_master_track(unreal.MovieSceneSubTrack)
subseq = unreal.load_asset("/Game/path/to/subsequence" )
subsequence_section = master_track.add_section()
# shift to proper location in timeline

Excuse me, How to create a morph target sequence using python? I have imported a fbx with morph targets of face, and I could using ui to set a level sequence, how to implement it with python? Thank you
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Also,I have got another problem, when I first open the project(without opening the sequence), and using section.get_channels() to get the Face’s channels, it will return None, but if I once open the level sequence, it could work, I have tested the metahuman’s control rig sequence, the issue didn’t occur. So does anything else I need to set with morph target or the sequence? Maybe it’s a bug(I have meet it both in 4.26.2 and 5.0.3)

Did you find a solution?

I also found that I must open the sequence manually (after creating it) in the editor before any further manipulation was possible through python -
I have to call unreal.LevelSequenceEditorBlueprintLibrary.refresh_current_level_sequence() which also allows further python commands

How to get current shot subsequence range from master sequence?

anim_section.params.animation = anim_seq doesn’t reflect the level sequence. I am trying to import an AnimSequence.