Knowledge Base: Color Pipeline Basics

Article written by Matt O.
When working with colors and color spaces in Unreal, it’s important to understand what happens to those colors as they move through the render pipeline. We’ll go over, in overview, when and ho…


Hello, Rudy. Thanks a lot for this article, it solves a lot of problems that have been bothering me for a long time! But there are two things still confuse me:
When ACES 1000/2000nit output is activated, is the implicit working space of the engine still Linear sRGB?
I also found that I can change the working color space in UE5 (via Project settings-Engine-Rendering-Working color Space).Is this working color space the same thing as the 'implicit working space of the engine '?Can’t seem to find an answer in the documentation :thinking:

Finaly,thanks again! :grinning:


Thanks for letting us know this!

Thanks for the info

Would be indeed great to get a detailed answer to this question!

Looking for more knowledge behind color space because I’m trying to understand it from a reading color of a pixel on a render target perspective. On PC I get one result and mobile another color from read pixel.