Know which of the two hands touches an object

Hi, I created a blueprint to vibrate Oculus touch controllers when they touch an object.

I would need to know which of the two hands touches the object in order to set the controller vibration for that hand only.

What do you think I can do?

Thank you

Both hands are BP_MotionController actors and has Hand variable enum, Left or Right value. But maybe you are implementing in complicated way, easier is if you create “touchable” class BP. In BP_MotionCotroller is already done (in the VR Template) the RumbleController event for vibrate them , if you want specific haptic effect check if the hitted or overlapped component/object play your desired effect.

Thanks for the reply @mandango . I believe you are right and that I am using a complicated way.

I am using a VR template but I cannot understand how to use the blueprint tools you have suggested to me.

Could you tell me something more detailed?

Thanks so much

EDIT: I found the RumbleController event in the BP_MotionController but I can’t retrieve it from my actor’s blueprint.

If you created the VR Template you have it already in BP_motionController, at least the vibration at grab per hand. If you need more info just reply, help you when have more time free.