Knight character

WIP shot from a knight character. Low poly with just the Normal and the AO applied - no real textures yet. Image was rendered within UE4 with the Showcase Viewer](

Feedback is much appreciated!

**#Update 1:


If you plan to release this, try to make the armor pieces extra skeletal meshes, to easily setup different looking knights, with different helmets, no helmet, no boots, no chest, only chain etc.

Yes, it will be available on the marketplace.

At the moment the character consists of more than 15 individual pieces that can be turned on/off. E.g. the armor can be turned off and then the garment underneath is revealed.

Little update. Been working on the skin header. So far happy with the result. Shader for the beard (maybe some hair on his head, too) are coming up next.

Will this mesh be built in a way that it can utilize the combat system dismemberment so you can cut off the head with no mesh stretching ? Will he be epic scale rig / skeleton? Also What will the knights base be, you said 15 pieces, with them all off is that like a knight shirtless in some medieval underwear? Wondering since i have a wearable inventory system and start with a base state like a semi naked player…

  • Yes, it will be rigged to the Epic skeleton
  • The base will be just a shirt (the one you can see in the image above) and (chainmail/leather) trousers
  • Haven’t decided on the dismemberment feature yet

So the shirt and trousers can’t be removed bummer…


I like the look of it. Not so extremely high-fantasy that most asets on the store tend to go toward. If you keep this more “medieval” rather than fantasy you will for sure have a buyer here!
Big plus that you go with separate meshes for items!

A person in underwear as the base is not planned at the moment. Maybe I’ll add it if there’s enough demand. However, it wasn’t really planned like this at the beginning.

Will be more of a realistic medieval look than fantasy.

Aside from the separate meshes, a Blueprint will be included that will let you enable and disable said pieces (a small character customization Blueprint).

Any idear about how expensive it will be?

Haven’t decided on a price yet. However, will be most likely in the range of the existing character assets on the marketplace.

Any update soon? Looks promising =)

It’s coming along great. After seeing the GDC talks from the Allegorithmic channel regarding the texturing process in Paragon I decided to completely change the texturing workflow to something very similar.

Will be posting some updates soon.