Klepto - Burglary Simulator

Klepto is a sandbox burglary simulation game featuring a criminal career progression from an amateur thief to high-tech professional. The game is currently in development for Win7/8/10 with planned support for OSx and Linux. Although not required, the game fully supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Key Features

  • Sandbox neighborhoods (break into any house)
  • Multiplayer
  • Full VR Support (Oculus and SteamVR)
  • Character Progression
  • Hacking & Network Simulation
  • Randomized loot placement
  • Character Selection
  • Vehicle Upgrades
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Powered by the Unreal Engine

Klepto will be releasing as Early Access on Steam in early 2016. For the latest information follow the announcement section on the Steam Greenlight page.

We’ve just posted a video of some early prototype footage. Not too much actual game to see yet but you can see some basic mechanics of lurking around a house at night :).

We’d love if you could also follow us on our steam concept page so we can get your feedback and ideas. Thanks!

I like it so far :slight_smile:

Here is what needs work -

  1. The sound for the doors opening it way to loud. This really stood out for me as well as scared me when it first happened.
  2. The Arm that turns on the light switch / Lamp could use some animation blending. Needs to be smoother.

Thanks HeadClot! Both are known issues and will most certainly be covered before any type of early release. Thanks for taking a look!

Hi Everyone,

We’ve started some discussion threads on our steam concept page to track updates to different parts of the game. We invite everyone to follow our project on steam, comment and provide suggestions as we continue to develop what we hope will be a great game!

Steam Page


It’s alive!! Our base AI system is up and running, more details here!

I sent you (nate1380) a PM. This looks great. Im really interested in how the hacking will work. Will it involve actual coding?

Hi phantom, I’ll respond here so all can see the response. The hacking system will have a balance of some code/command line execution but also be approachable for players with no experience. It will incorporate tools such as nmap. We’ll have wireless ssids to hack you way into to tap into possible security cameras to get a view of the target house. But this will come later in higher tiers of the game. Our developer in charge of the hacking system is a it security and ethical hacking professional so we’re confident our system will be realistic and approachable at the same time. Thanks for your interest!

Here’s some screenshot saturday pics! :slight_smile:

**The Amateur: Player Progression Part 1

Feature Topics**

Each week, we will be selecting a feature or component of the game to discuss in detail. Not only will this give us the opportunity to share some of the things we have planned but also to listen to the community feedback and possibly adjust these elements based on your suggestions. Some topics discussed may be a bit further out on the roadmap than others and likely will evolve overtime. When this happens, we will likely revisit the topics again when they are further along to discuss changes and progress.

This week’s topic will be part of a three part series explaining the three main skill tiers that a player will progress through. Unlocking the next tier will have pre-requisites detailed later in the series. With each new tier unlocked, the player will gain access to all new gameplay mechanics, tools and neighborhoods. They can also revisit previous neighborhoods with their new arsenal of tools and abilities in search of missed opportunities and rare loot.

The Amateur

The Amateur tier is the starting point for all players in the game. This is your basic opportunist with a limited skillset in the realm of breaking and entering.

Level Options

The amount of neighborhoods introduced with each tier are still being determined. However, at the start of a new game, the player will likely be limited to a single neighborhood and unlock additional ones as they progress within the tier.

The only planning option accessible to the Amateur player during level selection will be the time of day entering the neighborhood. We will be diving deeper into the mechanics behind this option in a later update.


The Amateur player will be armed with only a flashlight and a backpack. Players at this tier often find the best opportunities are an unlocked door or window. However, brute force is always an option. Purchasable tools to aid in forceful entry such as a prybar will be available for purchase once the player has “earned” enough funds.


Inventory space will be limited to what they can carry or stow in their backpack. Amateurs will not yet have access to their own vehicle to offload loot mid-level so they must make best use of their limited space to ensure the greatest payout.

Level Completion

When the player is ready to complete the level, they must navigate through the neighborhood to their pickup location where a friend will be waiting. Although this may be the same location as the drop-off point, it’s possible the accomplice was forced to relocate. If this occurs, they will notify the player via SMS or by calling.

If the player is apprehended by authorities or encounters a near-fatal wound by the residences of the burglarized home(s), the level will fail and all loot will be lost in addition to possible financial penalties. We will discuss these options in more detail in a separate update.

Selling the Loot

If the player successfully rendezvous with their accomplice and completes the level, they will be limited to a single option of selling their loot to a pawn shop. Although, the pawn shop option will always be the safest method of selling the items, it is done so at a reduced value. More options for selling and offloading loot with higher payouts (and increased risk) are unlocked in the later tiers.

Weekly Dev Blog - 7/17

Happy Friday, Kleptomaniacs! It’s been a busy week for us here at Meerkat Gaming with a lot of progress being made on Klepto. I’ll jump into the weekly recap in just a bit but first, I wanted to outline our weekly communication schedule planned for the development of Klepto. There’s a lot to communicate this week so brace yourselves, incoming wall of text!

Weekly Comm Schedule

Tuesday’s: Feature Topic
Every Tuesday, we will be posting an article about a specific gameplay element of Klepto to communicate in greater detail. Check the Friday Dev Blog to find out what the upcoming topic will be and send any related questions to us on Twitter using #Klepto]( We will do our best to answer any topic related questions in this Tuesday article.

This week was part one of our three part character progression. We will be continuing this subject with part two in our next article. Send us your questions on things related to the Semi-Pro (name not finalized) including disguise system, tools, vehicles, bonus objectives (missions), etc.

Friday’s: Dev Blog
The primary focus of the dev blog will be used to communicate the latest development progress for Klepto with a recap of the team’s work over the past week. We will also use this as an opportunity to communicate any upcoming plans, changes or shoutouts to community members.

Screenshot Saturday
What indie game development would be complete without weekly contributions to #screenshotsaturday. Be on the look out for new screenshots and concept art every Saturday. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to see all the latest images we post.

Klepto Progress Update

As mentioned earlier, it’s been a pretty busy week for us. We’re a lot further along than we originally anticipated but there’s still a ton of work left to do. On the development side, we are focusing on all of the core gameplay functionality of the Amateur and Semi-Pro tiers of progression while the art team continues to crank out the massive amount of in-game assets necessary to make this game complete.

House Manager
Each house in the neighborhood now has a central point of control used to manage everything from the AI behavior of the residents to house services and utilities like power, phone and internet. This control node will make it very easy for the level designers to setup new houses and residents. Later down the road, this would also make it easier for modders to setup their own custom neighborhoods.

Resident AI is coming along nicely. Members of the household will automatically perform various activities in the home. These activities are already linked to the in-game clock, something of key importance when selecting what time you want to enter the neighborhood. They also have a fight or flight response if some rookie burglar decides to enter an occupied home.

Drivable vehicles are now in game. Don’t make any plans of striking it rich by boosting cars, this isn’t GTA. However, there will be situations when stealing a car in the neighborhood may help with a quick getaway. We also have plans of including some bonus objectives to help a friend repo a specific car, after swiping the keys from the house during your burglary.

Alex is already working on getting our first player owned vehicle in engine. Expect to see more details on this in the next Feature Topic this Tuesday.

Alarm System
We finished up the core components of the home alarm systems last night. As in real life, there will be various types of home alarms in game including. The alarm systems have various monitoring options available including self-monitored, cellular, data and landline phone. Depending on the type of monitoring used by the home alarm, a skilled player may be able to disable the 911 calls made by the alarm.

Imani is currently working on the first loot bag. This bag will feature smaller compartments for stashing jewelry and other high value trinkets along with a place to stow some of the tools one might need to perform a successful burglary.

Alex just finished up the street signs including multiple variations. Interested in naming one of these in-game streets? Check out our IndieGoGo page!

IndieGoGo Campaign

Interested in supporting this project? You can help by backing ]Klepto on IndieGoGo](http://[url= The funds from this campaign will be put towards building up our library of interactive and lootable 3D assets. If successfully funded, this is expected to save us months of development time. I’d like to take a moment to thank our first two backers, Cybereality and Batroel! I’d also like to express my gratitude to [@Fragbound]( for his generous donation made shortly before the launch of our funding campaign. We will be including him as a Neighborhood Sponsor backer.

We will be making some improvements to the backer rewards in the near future. This includes the addition of some in-game cosmetic items along with closed beta access for our $50+ backers. The beta is expected to begin about 1 - 2 months before the early access.

<badPun> “Field testing” simulated DHCP service </badPun>

Work has started on the in-game Network Manager. I have the simulated DHCP server assigning IPs to each of the connected clients (laptops in picture). Also added basic functionality for ping scanning and hostname enumeration. These will be expanded upon as part of the security tool suite.

I’ll be posting a full write-up on the Network Manager in a couple of weeks but essentially, this is a control node for each of the in-game home networks of Klepto and a key component to the residential hacking gameplay of the Professional tier. Level designers (and hopefully modders) will quickly be able setup a home’s network by linking in-game client PCs, IP cameras, etc. to the home’s router.

Every night is a lovely night for a burglary in Klepto. We’re testing the dynamic weather system this week. Lots of work to be done with it including puddle formations and droplet splashes but off to a great start so far.


The Expert: Player Progression Part 2](

Hello, Kleptomaniacs! This week’s Feature Topic is a continuation of our three part series on character progression discussing the Expert tier. In case you missed it, here’s Part 1: The Amateur.

The Expert takes great pride in their craft from the careful planning and cunning disguises to the precision execution of getting in and out without leaving a trace. There’s a lot to discuss about the new gameplay mechanics unlocked when players advance from Amateur to Expert so lets get started.


We are still finalizing the details of how an Amateur progresses into the Expert class. The current plan involves a list of prerequisite purchases including a basic tool set, one disguise and one vehicle. We may extend this to also include a performance based requirement along the lines of successfully completing X amount of burglaries without being caught or raising suspicion.

Advancing into The Expert tier will unlock additional neighborhoods, the ability to purchase and wear disguises and purchase your own vehicle used for navigating the neighborhood, hauling more loot and enhancing your disguises.

Level Options

In addition to new neighborhoods, the player will also be able to revisit previous neighborhoods while taking advantage of the newly unlocked gameplay features.

The player will also have a new option of “casing” the neighborhood. This option will allow a player to enter the neighborhood to identify potential targets prior to their planned burglary. To do so, players will select the time of day for casing and for their burglary. By taking advantage of this feature, players can greatly reduce their level of suspicion. We’re currently looking into additional ways of utilizing this new feature. Have a suggestion? Post it HERE.

Pro Tip: When casing a neighborhood, look for signs that the owners may be away for an extended period. Things like unmowed grass, newspapers and full mailboxes may provide the evidence you need.

Missions & Contacts

At the start of the level, the player may receive an optional mission as a freelance burglar. These are essentially optional bonus objectives. By completing them, the player will gain reputation with the associated contact and possibly unlock knew contacts through their referral.

Some mission examples:

[Loot Specific Item] Break into specific house at X address and steal X item. - Mission request may also include helpful info like “The pin for the alarm system is 897765”.

[Loot Generic Item] “I need X item (generic camera/laptop/etc). If you find one, I’ll pay double what the pawn shop offers.”

[Car Repo] Break into X house, retrieve car keys and exit neighborhood with specific vehicle.

This mission system will play a much larger role later in the game when players progress into The Professional tier. This will be further discussed in a later Feature Topic article.


What could be more obvious than someone lurking around a neighborhood wearing all black carrying a duffle bag? Players will have the option to purchase an assortment of disguises to help reduce their suspicion. Some examples include cable technician, moving company, delivery service, etc.

Simply wearing a disguise will not guarantee your activities will go unnoticed. Seeing the plumber carrying out paintings is sure to raise a few eyebrows. However, this would be a common activity for a moving company but what if their nosy neighbor sees the moving truck and decides to investigate? These are just a few examples of things that need to be taken into consideration when planning your burglary.


No more hitching a ride from your unreliable friends. You’ve finally “earned” enough for your first vehicle. Player owned vehicles serve multiple purposes in Klepto including the following:

  • More Loot: You’ll no longer be limited to what you can fit in your bag. If you have time, unload your bag at your vehicle and make another trip back inside. Additionally, you’ll be able to haul larger loot items like paintings, instruments, statues, etc.

  • Better Disguises: Enhance your disguise with matching liveries and vehicle upgrades to increase their effectiveness.

  • Navigate Neighborhood: Drive around the neighborhood and find the optimal location to park your ride. Remember to obey the posted speed limits and follow the laws of the road.

  • Store/Display Collectibles: Some rare items in the game can be added to your personal collection. Select vehicles will support showcasing these items.

  • Hold loot: Opportunities will present themselves for a larger payout for a specific item. However, the buyer may require you to hold the item until their ready to pick it up. Be careful not to get arrested during that time because all assets, including those held from previous levels will be seized (this excludes collectibles).

  • Vehicle Upgrades: This will play a greater role in The Professional tier where players can use the modular upgrade system to setup a mobile high-tech command center. However, we plan to offer a few upgrade options with The Expert tier to introduce the feature.


Expert players will have a wide selection of tool options available. Some of these items will have requirements before being unlocked. These requirements may be disguise related or progress related.

Tool Examples:

Various Lockpicking options (Basic, Advanced, Pick Gun)
Various loot bags
Socket wrench (To open Telco boxes)
Wire Cutters (To cut phone/data lines)
Bolt Cutters (Remove padlocks)
Door Hinge remover & Hammer (Remove French doors)

Selling the Loot

After a successful level completion, Expert players have multiple options available for offloading their loot:

  • Pawn Shop - Safest and easiest method to sell loot but offers the lowest payout.

  • Fence (Contact) - Selling items directly to a contact. This method offers a higher payout and is relatively safe. However, they only buy items of interest.

  • Fence (Strangers) - Posting items for sale through an online classifieds page. Higher payout but risk of possible police (or criminal) setup.

  • Hold - Allows you to save a specific item and sell it at a later date.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s feature topic. If you’d like to help support this project, we’ve setup an IndieGoGo campaign. Funding from this campaign is being used to build a larger library of 3D assets so our art team can focus on more custom modeling work rather than reproducing assets readily available on the market.

Backers of the $50+ level will automatically be enrolled in the closed beta group expected to launch 1-3 months prior to Early Access.

If the funding goal is met, backers of all levels will receive an exclusive in-game cosmetic item (or items) based on their selected reward tier.

Hello, Kleptomaniacs! It’s time once again for our weekly development update.

New Team Member

Meerkat Gaming would like to formally welcome Dmitriy to the Klepto team! Dmitriy joins us as an additional 3D modeler who will be working on a variety of in-game assets from props to vehicles. Check out his latest contribution to the project, the alarm system control panel.

Klepto Progress Update

Art Team

A big focus this week has been finalizing the house design workflow and building additional game-ready houses. Alex and Nate are almost complete with our next two houses. Keep an eye out for new screenshots once they’re completed.

Walkthroughs: House 1 | House 2

Dmitriy wasted no time getting started on the project. Shortly after completion of the alarm panel, he finished up the first piece of interactive furniture, a bedroom dresser to rummage through in search of stashed valuables.

Loot Bag
Imani has completed the blocking and low poly model of the first loot bag. Next step will be bringing it into ZBrush to build the high-poly model.

Street Signs
Alex finished up the street signs mentioned in last week’s update. Be sure to check out the video on the dynamic street sign system. We intend on bringing this system to the UE4 Marketplace, complete with the 40K+ name generator, once we have a few more sign variations.
Dev Team

Nate made a lot of improvements to the new vehicle system including a fix for all 4 wheels to rest solidly on the ground (Sorry, it looks like hovercars are now out of the scope). He also implemented 1st and 3rd person view toggle with free look camera controls.

Network Simulation
Matt setup the framework for the home network simulator. This will be a key part of the hacking gameplay being introduced in The Professional tier of player progression. Each home in the game with have their own home network being simulated with a variety of connected clients including computers, IP cameras, home automation, etc.

Alarm System
Additional work was done on the home alarm systems including integration of Dmitriy’s new animated control panel. Motion detectors have also been added and work is currently being done on keypad functionality to arm/disarm. Be sure to check out our next Feature Topic this Tuesday for more details on the home alarm systems.

Tueday Feature Topic

Our next Feature Topic will be the home alarm systems. In addition to the usual Tuesday article, we will also be recording a development video to walk you through Klepto’s home alarm systems. If you have any questions that you’d like to hear answered regarding the alarm system, tweet them to @MeerkatGaming using #Klepto.

IndieGoGo Campaign

Interested in supporting this project? You can help by backing Klepto on IndieGoGo. The funds from this campaign will be put towards building up our library of interactive and lootable 3D assets. If successfully funded, this is expected to save us months of development time.

I really like how this is progressing :smiley:

Keep up the awesome work.

Thanks, HeadClot! We’ve assembled an amazing team for this project and I’ve been truly amazed at how far we’ve come along already.

We still have a ton of work ahead of us but everyone is quite commited to the project and all have their hearts in it so I suspect we will maintain this momentum for the long haul.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our video and Feature Topic article on Klepto’s alarm systems.

Alarm Systems

This week’s Feature Topic is sponsored in part by Kinks Home Security. If it’s not Kinks, it stinks. Contact a certified Kinks Home Security Installation Technician for a free quote today.

Dev Video

In addition to the typically Feature Topic article, I’ve also recorded our first of many development videos to walk you through Klepto’s alarm systems. Do try to go easy on me, this was my first attempt at narrating a video. I can honestly say, I have a newfound appreciation for the popular YouTube personalities out there.

Warning: This video contains a cringeworthy level of “Um” and “Uh”. Viewer discretion is advised.


Home alarm systems in Kepto are used to alert residents and authorities of unauthorized access to the home. Depending on the monitoring type, it is possible for the player to disable 911 communications prior to triggering the alarm.

Alarm Components

Alarm Panel
Typically placed near the front door of the home. Provides keypad interaction to arm/disarm alarm system. Receives and processes alerts from alarm sensors. Source of audible alarm sounds. Residents of the home will be set to the maximum alert level if they hear the audible alarm.

Door/Window Sensors
Sends alert to alarm panel when opened.

Motion Sensors
Sends alert to alarm panel when motion is detected.

Although not alarm components, ONT (data) and Telco (phone) boxes are used to send 911 messages if monitoring is enabled.

Monitor Types

Audible alarm only. No external monitoring / 911 communications. Residents of the home will be set to the maximum alert level if they hear the audible alarm.

Connected to external monitoring via cellular network. Will dial 911 if alarm is triggered. Communications can’t easily be disabled.

Requirements to disable:
Skill Level: Professional
Tool: Cell Jammer

Connected to external monitoring via internet. Will notify 911 if alarm is triggered. Communications can be disabled if the data link on the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is cut.

Skill Level: Expert
Disguise: ConNet Technician (Cable Repairman)
Tool: ONT Hex Bolt Key & Wire Cutter

Note: Not all ONTs are mounted on the exterior of the home. Some may be installed inside.

Landline Phone
Connected to external monitoring via landline phone. Will dial 911 if alarm is triggered. Communications can be disabled by cutting phoneline outside the home.

Skill Level: Expert
Tool: Wire Cutter

Alarm Panel States

Armed - Away
Doors with “Delayed” trigger type will trigger a countdown to allow time to disarm the alarm system via the keypad.

All sensors will instantly trigger the alarm.

Alarm system is operational. May or may not be armed.

Trigger Types

Instant (Armed)
Alarm will instantly sound. If the alarm is equipped with a monitoring option, 911 will instantly be alerted if the communication path has not been disrupted.

Delayed (Armed - Away)
Alarm will emit warning chirps for 10 - 30 sec. If the alarm is not disabled via the alarm panel keypad prior to the completion of the warning countdown, the alarm will sound. If the alarm is equipped with a monitoring option, 911 will be alerted if the communication path has not been disrupted.

It’s that time of the week! We’ve got another photo-filled weekly update to share in addition to some exciting news regarding music and sound for the game.

New Team Member

The talented Logan Byers has just joined the Klepto team. Logan will be scoring the game and working on the sound design. Be sure to check out his demo reel and get the first taste of Klepto’s music direction in our next gameplay trailer (coming soon!).

Klepto Progress Update

Art Team

Nate and Alex continued their work on the houses. Our test neighborhood is really starting to grow.

Dmitriy has knocked out some more great furniture pieces with plenty of new things to rummage through.

Loot Bag
Imani has completely redesigned the loot bag and it’s looking great.

Dev Team

Network Simulation

Matt started working on the port scanning functionality of the simulator. Expect to see a new development video on Tuesday to demonstrate the current network simulator functionality.

Alarm System
Keypad integration for the 2D UI (non-VR only) has been completed. See it in action in our alarm system dev video. Next step is adding in 3D interaction with the keypad itself along with a backlit display.

Tuesday Feature Topic

Our next Feature Topic will discuss the hacking mechanics unlocked when players progress to Professional. This will be a multipart series due to the massive scope that surrounds the hacking gameplay. We will also be posting another dev video to accompany this topic. As always, if you have a question that you’d answered on the topic, tweet it to @MeerkatGaming using #Klepto.


Alex, Nate and Matt recently had the pleasure of joining Enda The Lion to discuss our experience with VR development, past projects and all things Klepto. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to his channel.

We’ve just added a ton of new IndieGoGo backer rewards in addition to an all new trailer featuring music and audio by the newest member of the Klepto team, Logan Byers.