Kite Demo won't load up

Hi everyone, so I recently downloaded the kite demo but I don’t really know how to start it. When I load the GCD_Landscape_01 map and press play, Unreal becomes unresponsive, so I open task manager and force quit the application (same when I play as standalone). Just trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong or misunderstanding the initial instructions that load up when you start the project. Also, when I load up the GDC_Landscape_01 map, this is what I see:
I’m not sure if this is correct either, and if it isn’t then it’s probably part of why the demo isn’t working for me.

Intel i7 ten core extreme

nVidia Titan X

64 gigs of RAM

Toshiba OZC RD400 1tb

Corsair Hydro Series 100i liquid cooler

Corsair AX860i power supply

Thanks! Any help is appreciated, I’d love to see this demo up and running. Here’s a picture of the blank screen I get when I try to run as standalone:

You need to wait for it to complete loading, especially for the first time it can take an hour to fully load.

Ohh I see, I didn’t realize it would take that long! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I appreciate it!

Is this before or after pressing play?

Before pressing play, even after the editor it open it’s still loading stuff in. Your system has enough resources so it will be able to load it but it still takes a long time. The project uses 24GB of RAM

We have to wait an HOUR for the editor to load up that demo? How long did it take you to Load up Mass Effect 3 with the editor?.
The longer the load times are for a game in loading a 3d world into the editor to edit it or to add more things into it, the longer the time its going to take to try to develop the game in because you will be too busy waiting for everything to all load in therefore this engine is only sutiable for doing small world maps with because of the long loading times it has with the editor. Dosen’t this engine take a snapshot of everything in it? Is that why it takes so long the first time it loads because its busy building a record or database of everything?

Ohh alright, so that picture that’s in my description is the level before it has completed loading. Is that right? I want to make sure I’m understanding correctly, don’t want to break anything by accident!

hi everyone ther has a similar problem with keto demo, im trying to uses some assets frome there like a folliage tree but when i try to drag on folliage to start painting on my terrain the software suspend and freeze , i have to open taske managment and force closed the problem. so what can i do

my spec are

amd threadripper 2990wx
64 gb ram
rtx 2080ti
itb m.2 ssd
1tb hdd drive