Kill Particles when they enter a volume?


I know theres the Kill Box Module in Cascade and I tried that but had another problem with that. So the question is, is there any way to kill particles through a volume placed in the editor? Like with a Trigger Box or smth like that?

I have many Particle Systems (28 to be precise), some of them facing in one direction, some of them into another. Inside of those Particle Systems there are 3 Emitters to give me the desired effect and it looks like I want, but they are visible outside the object they should stay in. I thought that there will be a kind of way to kill the particles outside of the emitter. But I haven’t found something.

I want to kill every particle touching a volume I give or every particle leaving a volume, that doesn’t matter then.

P.S.: Another, but smaller problem: I can’t right-click “Color Over Life” and set up parameters. Why that?


@TheCyberFX did you ever figure out how to place kill volume in editor? I thought this would be a basic functionality as it is in many DCC application. I know kill volume box has size and position options but its much more intuitive to place it manually in scene than set it through Niagara system editor window where you don’t see the rest of your scene…
Really want a solution :frowning:

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I can’t believe I found my own comment here after facing the same problem, 2 years later.
Bumping if anyone knows of a way to do this?

The only way I found to do this, is to add another emitter with the same shape, size, etc of your kill volume. At least you can visualize it that way. I’m stuck on having the volume rotate when i rotate the system, which is something I don’t want to happen…

Yeah it sucks they haven’t updated this and there are no ways to visualize kill volumes or forces in the viewport which is needed badly :frowning: