Kill Particles Inside Trigger Box

Hello UE4 Community,

i’m building a game since a few years in unreal engine 4 and run into a problem with blueprints and particle systems. In my project i’m using the [Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader]([Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums) asset for ocean and weather. The problem i run into is, how do i get the particles current location as soon as they hit a certain actor/component and tell them to kill on hit without deactivating the whole particle system?

What i want to achieve:

  • Snow particle should be deleted as soon as they enter a box/trigger box
  • Particle around the box should still be active

What i already tried:

  • Using a collision in cascade set to depth of field (result: particle ignored all collisions)
  • Using a collision in cascade set to distance field (result: some particle got blocked by actors, but most did go through)
  • Using a break hit result for the particle system (result: output for location was 0 for xyz)
  • Using a collision event in cascade reference it in the blueprint (result: couldn’t get a workable result)

In Cascade:

In Game (particle go through walls and roof with collision set to distance field):

Distance field (imported custom distance field):

Blueprint initializating the snow particle system:

Any help on this topic is highly appreciated!

Tell me if you need more information :slight_smile:

I am not sure this is the best place as this is both blueprints and rendering. If after few days you don’t have replys, let me know. I’ll move it for you.

As you got no replies in blueprint, i move your topic in rendering in hope someone can help.

Hello, I have a similar problem. Have you solved it?