Kill modules "Absolute" always TRUE

I need “Kill box” or “Kill height” module in my particle emitter, and it must be rotated at the scene, but this modules applied like if I set there “Absolute” parameter to True. For example I ve created simple particle emitter with “Kill Height” module => Set “Use local space” in Required to True => Uncheck “Absolute” KillHeight; and result is on the picture. I was even trying to set “User local space” to False, and “Absolute” to True, all to False, all to True, same result, KillHeight is in WorldSpace coordinates.

Can confirm, the same thing happens with a Kill Box module. It works fine in the preview viewport, but in game the Kill Box coordinates must be set to Absolute to have any effect on the particles. In other words, the Kill Box must always be in world space.

This is in version 4.18’s Cascade. I’m guessing nobody will care about this once Niagra is out because ideally this will be fixed and we will be able to position our kill modules in local space.

Can confirm this in 4.19 and 4.20.
And since its always in world space, its useless for my purposes.