Kicking the tires on Mesh Distance Fields

I need a little help from the community. Attached images are numbered in the caption with description of purpose.

tl;dr - Mesh distance fields are generating for some meshes and not others, and when I fiddle with the resolution, I can eventually get some to generate.

Longer version:
In my current project, half the meshes are generating mesh distance fields and half are not. For the half that are not, after having confirmed that their settings are the same as those that are generating, I’ll do things like changing the resolution to force an update. In most cases this has done nothing but occasionally it results in a distance field. But I’ve hit a wall on this mesh and I’d really like to get my head wrapped around what its not liking.

This is a little suburb mesh. The only thing interesting about it is that the import scale is set to 10000 but that’s not unique to the meshes in my scene as their scale was quite off from where it needed to be. In the attached screenshots, I display the static mesh view where the settings are normal. I tinker with the resolution and it will say its creating a mesh distance field. Upon completion, the visualization mode for the MDF is black. The DFAO view features some contours but I suspect that’s not indicative of the presence of a field. Using the raytraced shadowing, I’m still not seeing any evidence of a field despite the creation coming to completion in theory.

I’m now in a spot where some of my meshes and foliage have great distance fields which allow me to raytrace shadows into the distance, and some like my suburb do not and, as a result, I have a Sophie’s choice of losing one or the other’s shadows based on my cascade distance (seen in the image where I lose tree shadows and gain house shadows).

Any ideas or wisdom individuals can offer would be great. Thanks!

(Sadly,) that did the trick. Broke it up into 6 pieces. That’s unfortunate because the suburb is less than 20k polys. Its unfortunate that the scale somehow made a coarse distance field not doable. Breaking it up makes for a bit of work I was hoping to avoid. Thanks for the reply AmbiguousInt