Keypress Event Node isn't casting when key is pressed in game.

Trying to make it to where my blueprint timeline speed increases when I press a certain button in game (for testing time of day parameters to make sure things look right without having to edit the length of the timeline a thousand times) but when I press the button (Y) at run-time, nothing happens. I have multiple screens and can keep an eye on how the blueprint behaves during runtime, and I set up a sprint function (hold left shift to sprint) in the 3rd person character blueprint, and when I press left shift at run-time, I can see that node casting to the other nodes just fine. But in my time of day/weather blueprint, the press Y event key does nothing. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Here’s a picture of my blueprint.

You will need to enable input on that blueprint. Add an on begin play node and set enable input and you should be alright for it

Worked perfectly, thanks!! :smiley:

this post really helped me so I just wanted to post a link to the unreal engine 4 documentation that explains this