Keyboard input stop working when wearing Oculus

Hi, I am trying to develop experience for oculus. But i need not only Oculus controllers but also some inputs from keyboard. When oculus is on my desk - are keys are working after Play but when i put it on my head all Keys stop working:< Any help?

This is definitely not normal. Keyboard input should work properly in both cases (Oculus worn/not worn).

Very likely there is a problem with the way you are handling your input, for example the input is consumed before reaching your code.

Can you show the input settings for your player and the Blueprints handling the keyboard input events?

Hi! I send some photos. Should I send something more?

Ok, still difficult to pinpoint but I am noting few issues already:

  1. Take the 2 key for example, it is mapped both to an Action Event (Project Settings → Input) and directly as keyboard event into the Box level Blueprint (3rd screenshot). This may lead to conflicts and it is not best practice anyway. Either you use the “level” Action Event in the level Blueprint or remove the 2 key from it.
  2. You are handling a Motion Controller input in a level Blueprint. Logically such input should be handled inside the VRPawn Blueprint because it is player specific not level specific.

What I would recommend you to do is to clean up your inputs and re-add them one by one, checking at each step that everything works as expected. Also make sure you didn’t modify the Consume Input property for some of your key event. This is a good article for you to go through and experiment with: