Kelvin CT colour picker

Good Day. Is this the right place to request a Kelvin colour picker be added to the UE colour picker? So much better for selecting natural light colours.


Unless I’m mistaken I think there already is something like this:
When selecting the light under the “Light” section of the details panel enable “Use Temperature” and then adjust the “Temperature” value above it.

Ah yes, I see it. Thanks @ChesherZ. Since it’s colour, I would have expected it to be in the colour picker. :shrug: Also, it looks like temp multiplies against RGB colour, so it’s possible to pick a Kelvin CT and have it completely wrong. I would imagine if one wanted Kelvin, they would want precise Kelvin. As such, “use Temperature” would be expected to disable RGB colour and clamp it to white. I’m curious why it’s arranged this way. There must be a reason.