Keep particles from passing through walls

I’m building a level in which the player character is in a box in the middle of a big cloud of steam. The steam just passes through the walls of the box as if they weren’t there. Is there anyway to keep that from happening?

I’m also interested in the proper way to do this, I’ve been playing around, most can be mitigated adding a “Actor Collision” to the emitter, this should stop going trough walls… but this happened to me. The collision modifier helped a lot, but still some particles go through the walls, thats why I guess should be a better/proper way!

Hope it helps! GL





@ngenen Seems better than nothing. Is “actor collision” a blueprints node? A setting in the details panel?

Its a modifier in the particle emitter, edit your particle asset and in the emitter that make the sparks add the collision modifier!


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