Keep AR camera active/AR model in same place, when switching to web browser?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if its possible to keep AR camera active/keep the AR model in same place, when switching to web browser and then back to the AR application?

My problem is… when we are presenting our AR app, we at some point need to switch to our website and then come back to the AR app, but then we have of course lost the position of the AR model.

Is it possible to keep the camera and Unreal running in the backgrond? or is the obvious solution just to reposition the model everytime?

I would appreciate any ideas…

Have you tried making a widget blueprint with a web browser widget pointing to your website so you never have to leave your app?

hmm, I did originally try with the web browser widget but didn’t couldn’t get it to load the page, it was always a white page. I will have another look at it.

Thank you