Kat Walk Mini Treadmill, Anyone got it to work?

I am a noob, but I’m hoping to learn. I have a Kat Walk Mini treadmill that I want to use with a VR Architectural model walk through. I got the SDK from KatVR and tried a very basic demo and I can’t get the treadmill to operate the Motion Controller Pawn in the simulation play. Has anyone had any success?

So it seems that you have to buy a dongle to use with the sdk to produce a game that natively supports the treadmill. This seems a little strange as the sdk doesn’t throw up any errors when I package the software using their template but it has been ordered and we shall see what happens.

hello I know you posted this over a year ago however im having the same problem trying to get my Kat Walk Mini S to work using UE5 and i just bought the dongle but it hasn’t arrived yet and I tried to get the sdk to work but I realized the problem was not having the dongle. I just wanted to ask you if you have any instructions on this whole process and if you even got it work with your project. Thanks!

Hello ,

I am starting a project using UE 4.27 and the Kat mini s. I have not heard back from the KatVR team regarding SDK download link. Do you mind sharing it?


Got it connected, issue now is (and rest of return 0, as if the sensor is not being read. Plugin shows as installed, not sure if there is an error there that I have missed. I tried running the installation in different ways (with and w/o repackaging plugin) and had no luck. Has anyone faced a similar issue? I am using UE 4.27.2. Thanks!

Hi, sorry to reanimate this zombie post but I am facing some issues trying to get the SDK to work. We’ve got the dongle etc. from KATVR and it is showing data coming from the Walk Mini in the KAT ‘Industry’ software but this data is not being passed to Unreal for some reason despite setting up the project as shown in the docs. Did you ever manage to get it working?

OK so this is now “somewhat” working - the need for the license dongle for the KAT software to be in a USB3 rather than a USB2 was the issue for me.