Just starting out with UE4 and VR

Hi All,

I’m new to UE4 and want use it for VR work with the Oculus Quest / Rift (to begin with). I’ve managed to get a build working on my Quest with no issues and was impressed how easy it was.

I just wanted to ask if anybody has any tips or things I should be watching out for whilst I’m learning VR with UE4 (esp on Oculus Quest)?

I’m not entirely new to 3D work but am still learning with a long way to go. For instance I’ve created a VR project using Unity previously you can see here if your interested…

Look forward to any responses or help, thanks in advance folks.

One of them is to be aware of the performance limits of the Quest (especially in terms of draw-calls). You may want to read about the port of RoboRecall to the Quest for many good tips. Learn how Drifter Entertainment leveraged elegant optimizations to bring Robo Recall to the Oculus Quest - Unreal Engine

Another one is that the Quest has some limitation on what you can do in the material shaders. Vulkan support has made this better, but still not at the level of the Rift.

Good luck with your project!

Thanks for this, appreciated!