Just so you guys know, there's a bug packaging some sample content after modifying it

I was going crazy trying to figure out why I couldn’t build modified content example maps with the correct post process settings for the rift, or any of my 3d models added. It would fail every time!

I usually would package because the framerate in rift mode is unbearable with the editor running in the background.

Well anyway, in the realistic rendering demo I could modify and package, but the content examples, effects cave, and a few others it would fail. So it looks like 4.3 and 4.4 have this packaging error, and it will be resolved in a future build. Just wanted to give some devs a heads up, as I was ready to throw out my computer.

More info here: Can't build/package modified content example maps in 4.3/4.4 anymore (bug?) - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Edit: Also, I just found out that before starting the editor you can right click your .uproject file and choose “launch”! Massive framerate increase for rift mode previewing without launching editor or having the package every time.

works for me in 4.3.1

i think the same errors appears to me last week when i begin package some demos. (but not remember if its the same)
Try install Visual Studio Distribuited 2013.

I install 2013 and works (well also uninstall the 2012…20011… but not need)

I gave that a shot, did the repair mode. Unfortunately that did not help. Some marketplace examples will package when modified, maybe you are trying one that actually works? It appears they are aware of the bug and a fix will come out in a later version. Probably not 4.4 :frowning:

Let me know if you can successfully package the Leveldesign_Workflow.umap example specifically (once making any modifications).

i added a blueprint for show fps and modified all postproccess , package and works.

edit: oh wait, build the intro.

edit2: fail. the package i build few days ago after i modififed was the vehicle one and works.

Thanks for the update and trying again! Glad to hear it failed and it’s not just me :wink:

Hopefully they’ll get this sorted out soon, because a lot of samples once they are modified are failing like that. So it sounds like the vehicle one is good to go at least.

I Would love to be able to distribute small DK2 demo I’m working on involving that sample content. I can’t build the marketplace’s “stylized” demo either once it’s modified unfortunately.