Just another motion capture test with trackers

My capture tool works as an UE4 project.

Elbows wasn’t tracked here. Animation is recorded in a real time. It’s quite noisy because I don’t have a proper mounts for Vive Trackers yet so they aren’t fixed good enough. Supports 3 to 8 trackers (+ controllers and HMD). I’m gonna add two more tracking points for clavicles and improve elbows prediction algorithm.

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

It works pretty well, much better then Kinect even despite I still don’t have a good straps. Going to use it to capture animation for my project.

Wow, this is awesome! Looking forward to using this as soon as possible.

Looking good dude!
How are you going to release this?

I have a minor issue with twist bones (hope to fix it today) and need to write at least short documentation (tomorrow). But there is another problem. I use 4.17 Preview, and it has a very inconvenient bug: engine crashes if both motion controllers and more then two Vive trackers are enabled.

It wasn’t as easy as I though. But now the plugin basically works and i’m planning to send it on marketplace soon. It supports different skeletons. I tested it on CAT from 3ds max which is very different from the UE4 Mannequin.
This feature is useful to capture animation directly to your skeleton and avoid additional retargeting.

At first I was going to create custom animation node, but easier = better, isn’t it? So captured pose simply saved to PoseSnapshot.

Slightly outdated, but mostly working executable demo is available here: Dropbox - File Deleted
Animation can’t be recorded in the executable. It also requires at least one vive tracker (or 3 to capture legs).

Wow I have just find out this, I hope you going to share it here or somewhere on marketplace.