Just a few words of support to Epics.

I assume many of us know about the recent and not quite friendly open letters toward the Epic Games from a company which name i won’t even want to mention here. So ridiculous, so it’s leaving me speechless. All i want now is to say my word of support to the Epic Games. Kudos to you guys, and i wish that the issue will pass away just as an absurd nightmare!

What letter? I haven’t heard anything? I’ll support Epic, they are awesome!

The developers of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds were complaining about the battle royale mode added to Fortnite, as if the idea is original to their game

While i do not like the idea to advertise any youtuber here, but check the Sid Alpha’s recent videos called “PUBG/Fortnite”. I’m surprised how the community is silent about it, so i felt just like you said, and thought this: while Epics most likely have no use for my support - i still have to speak this in such moment.

Also, the legit points on the situation are pretty clear, either in a whole but as well as in details. And that company is failing for some solid reason to make a legit point of their claims, though they may be the patent holders to the certain gameplay parts (as they saying).

I wonder if Koushun Takami can take legal action against Bluehole. Also, wasn’t there a battle royale mod in Arma 3?

Maybe this is all about canny marketing (actually good news for both Fortnite + PUBG). Why? Conflict shifts product, and there’s plenty of that to go round (especially when both studios are really partners, think about it)… But if not, maybe the lawyers / suits got involved. Overall, Its amazing it took this long to take off as an idea… Even COD had Search & Destroy mode etc. Plus you can’t copyright an idea. So there’s a touch of irony in what Green says here below, and what Epic is actually being accused of…

Bandwidth and hardware capability. You need servers that can host a lot of players, and both server and players need the bandwidth to cope with all the data. There have been Battle Royale mods for well over a decade (e.g. for Half-Life 2), but the player counts and size of the world has always been lacking.

“We are concerned Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known.”
Orginal PCGamer Interview with PUBG Excutive.

Bluehole says PUBG was used to promote Epic’s BR game “without our knowledge”.
Second PCGamer Interview with the PUBG Executive.

I’m gonna preface this with I have nothing to do with Epic nor PUGB.

TL;DR PUBG Devs are pure Himalayan salt.

If you read about what the company was mad about, it’s just silly. As they don’t know what they are mad about, since what they said is contradicting in the press releases/interviews. They bring up all these separate points but they are mostly disconnected and some of the points they bring up are actually quite contradicting to what they said previously in my opinion.

One thing that strikes me as idiotic is, they complained about Epic referencing their game in a video and not asking for permission first, but the other game H1Z1 that was also referenced and those devs said nothing and are also a direct PUBG competitor. So they are fine with a game Greene worked on before but not Epic. Epic praised both PUBG and H1Z1.

The funniest part is PUBG most definitely wouldn’t be what it is today without H1Z1 or the Unreal Engine that runs PUBG, and for that matter the movie called Battle Royale, which is where Greene got the idea from in the first place.

Another point they bring up is oh its so similar to our game blah blah blah. Oh really? When could you build structures in PUBG? That alone is far more transformative enough to make the game-play experiences completely and utterly different. When could you drive vehicles in Fortnite BR? What about the rarity levels in weapons Fortnite BR? Or when were rocket and grenade launchers in PUGB? Similar, maybe but not really. They are similar if you can say COD and CSGO are similar. Similar enough to complain about it? Not hardly in any sense of the word.

The only thing i read that could be even a point of contention is that PUBG dev said something along the lines of, oh we pay for licensing to Epic, and Epic is now competing with us and they could potentially implement some tech that would make their game better and not offer it to PUBG. That’s an idiotic point as Epic is within their rights to do what ever the heck they want with their engine and with their games. After all, it’s their engine and their game.

In fact iirc, Epic’s licensing for unreal, is they can force you to stop using their engine at any time for any reason.

Something I noticed in relation to this whole “event” is that Fortnite is a somewhat ‘released’ product in that it is already on consoles and PUBG is working on making their game to be on consoles. Fortnite BR is going to be free to play and PUBG isnt. To me it looks and feel like PUBG is super butthurt over the fact Fortnite is a product that is ‘released’ and beat them to the punch to have a Battle Royale mode on consoles. If it was another entity, say for argument it was Blizzard, I doubt PUBG dev would be as butthurt as they are now.

If someone takes inspiration from your work, you should feel humbled and blessed your idea is worth taking inspiration from. The consumers will be and should be the ones deciding on what and where to play. Someone made a version of your title? Too bad, it’s called competition. Make yours better if you are that upset over it.

Also, PUBG Devs are claiming they are indie developers. Yet, they made TERA Online and Devilian, two massively popular games. Both of which run on Unreal Tech. Them calling themselves indie is complete and utter cow poop.

With the battle royale templates coming out. I’d be willing to place a bet on 50 pubg clones hitting steam in the next 6 months. Just saying. They didn’t drop the template on marketplace yet. That I know of. Pubg worked out really well for blue hole. This is how Mario felt when sonic, earthworm jim, and crash came onto the scene. Yet Mario is still King. The same can’t be said with Doom, and Quake. Those games didnt evolve with the times.

The new Doom was lauded as one of the best games of the year and sold millions?

Yes. Years later. It hasn’t been much of a thing. In between say 2004, and 2016.
They came out with Doom 2, and Doom 3, but then the series went dead stale.
Until early 2000 everything was called a “Doom clone”
So for almost 15 years Doom was gone.
Fps is just a platform now. Pubg is unique in one gameplay aspect, but if it doesn’t grow out of it. It’ll die off.
No one was waiting in line for the new doom.
If epic really wanted to pull a D-move they could make a battle royale Unreal tournament, and drop it on console free.

Doom 2 to Doom 3 was 12 years, I’m really not sure what your point is supposed to be. There were no ‘failures’ in the franchise between those games, so you can’t really say they “didn’t evolve with the times” nor that the “went dead stale”. Doom 3 is radically different to Doom 2, and Doom (2016) is radically different again.

They shoudn’t mention PlayerUnknown on their marketing pitch, that was a minor mistake on Epic’s part;
But there’s nothing BlueHole can do about it beyond enforcing removal of the video using their brand to promote Fortnite.

No failures. It’s not a dis to Doom. I used to Lan party with Doom, and Quake. They just didnt keep up with continual releases over time. 12 years is a really long time in between franchise releases. Especially for a type of media, and IP that pioneered an entire genre. I would say that would be a stale period sorry to use the word dead. Point is. If someone makes something popular. Then someone spins it off. It may feel shady for the original creator. It’s just a game mode. People could make the argument that Doom, and Pubg share a lot of gameplay. No health re gen without pickups. No armor without pickups… I mean “Really. One could say that Pubg is Doom gameplay without respawns.” How unique does that sound. Maybe John Carmack can send Bluehole a nice letter.

Why? I’ve never heard of any laws stating you cannot reference another product to market your own. in fact i think the inverse is true and i think its called “nominative fair use”

Does no one remember this commercial and ad campaign? I don’t remember Sega taking any flak for it, and its far worse than what epic did.

Sounds like they want a licensing deal, and some Money. This is quoting the exec. Daybreak games apparently licensed battle royale for H1Z1???
Bluehole Exec Changhan Kim.
“So what I want to explain here is that PUBG might have really simple battle royale rules and systems, but we see that as Brendan’s own idea and that game mode in PUBG belongs to Brendan. You know that Daybreak Games actually licensed this idea and worked with him to develop their game mode and [Bluehole] did license his idea as well. Not only [did we bring] him to Korea to hire him as the creative director, we licensed his idea to develop PUBG. So we’re not just taking someone else’s idea. Bluehole’s stance is that we respect and value the indie developer or modder’s idea and we actually licensed it.”

While it might sound as something in doubt, yet i believe it’s just fine to say and for this particular case it’s specifically ok. Here is why. The Battle Royale movie is flagged on IMDB as: “Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi”. And this is what actually defines genre. Fortnite is clearly a comic genre. So different continents. Imagine if the creators of the Under The Dome was pursuing the creators of Simpsons Movie. That would be a nonsense. And would created a legal case that turned Broadway with all the stand-up performers there into a Detroit hood. This is what comedy genre is standing for - making a parody.

The funniest part is, that Greene is speaking about the game mode in a way that he borrowed the idea even from the UNREAL game’s Last Man Standing mode: "RPS: Do you feel a sense of ownership over the game mode? I know other people were doing similar stuff, and there were Hunger Games game modes for Minecraft, and…

PU: Oh yeah. Look, I don’t claim ownership. So, it’s a last-man standing deathmatch. That’s been around since people could pick up clubs and hit each other. I would never claim ownership over that. The ever decreasing circle – I couldn’t program squares like it is in the Battle Royale movie. The code for doing squares that shrink, I just couldn’t do it because I wasn’t a very good coder, right? So I moved it an ever decreasing circle that sort of moved around inside itself, because that’s how I could do it. I don’t even claim ownership on that. These are old ideas. I love to see what the genre has created. It’s various versions on something that I guess I popularised, you know? The idea itself is not mine.". ( from here:…meteoric-rise/ ).

Edited: I just learned that there a whole BR game named Last Man Standing exist. Greene was cited in the lower case and talking about the deathmatch mode in particular though. And that i believe the Unreal’s innovation.

It’s funny that they licensed the idea when they didn’t need to

Tencent making intervention move… Apparently, after this unhappy accident, Epic Games and BlueHole Studios are soon to become step sisters :slight_smile:

While IANAL, my understanding is that game modes and mechanics cannot be copyrighted, and a few cases in the past - most recently 2016 - have upheld that. And that’s a good thing otherwise we’d have monopolies on who could make a game with certain modes.