June UE4jam Submission Thread

Welcome to the June UE4JAM Submission thread!

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Hey I’m submitting this one… called “Fire in the Hole”

It is a cloud enabled game where you write javascript to control your forces. But don’t worry there are two training levels. If you get past this, you get to share your script for others to battle against.

download link

Team Name: Funkinessfactor
Team members: Graham Chow - coder, Liz Chow maker of all things 3D.

assets used: duktape javascript engine, everything else fresh for the game.

This is way after submission, but I though people might be interested in my blockly integration PoC…


Download link: AR_TempusFugit

Team name: AR
Team members:

  • Xelj
    Name of your submission: *AR_TempusFugit *

Assets used:
Unreal Marketplace:
Xoio Berlin Flat
Mixamo Animation Pack

Unreal learning projects:
Realistic Rendering
Content Examples


2eam - BombFrisbee

Download! (106 mb)

Team name: 2eam
List of team members: blexlol, yj
Name of your submission: BombFrisbee

Some particles, meshes, materials from Epic Example Content and Stylised Rendering projects.
Sounds source list


Team name: Quad Corps
List of team members: ag858
Name of submission: Fire In The Hole
Assets Used: Infinity Blade

Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
Name of submission: BOMB BLAST

Local two- player game.
Victory if defeat three times the opponent.


A:Left Move
D:Right Move
Left Shift:Attack


J:Left Move
L:Right Move
Right Shift:Attack

ESC:Game Pause

Bug Fix DownLoad link

OLD Version
download link

Fire Check

Link to a download of your game Download Game
Team name: Favorte Tortoise
List of team members: Parker67 (1)
Name of your submission: Fire Check
Assets Used: UE4 Learning projects
Epic Free assets (Infinity Blade etc)

You are trapped in a hole in the ground and must keep the fire alive for as long as possible. How long can you last?

wasd = movement
mouse = camera
e = action

Team NoDev

Unreal Engine 4 sample textures and materials used.
Tesla’s Blood Decal used.
Background music is a royalty free song from
Sound effects are made by Mike Koenig and downloaded from with an Attribution 3.0 creative commons license.
Character portrait drawn by my friend Abercrombie.

WASD for walking
E for interaction
Mouse-click for item manipulation.

Best described as a tactical survival horror eating simulator.

Edit: Game can be seen in
And in reply to Allar; yeah I wanted to do more with the game. The properties of the food is a “Potency” and a “Duration” variable, so eating a hot dog will increase the meter by around 5% over 8 seconds and a brown stew will increase it with around 20% over 15 seconds for an example. Initially I planned on having features to add a hot sauce to add potency to an item and a glass of milk to remove the most recently added item, but I sort of hit a wall while trying to make a save game + high score system. Which also didn’t give me any time to fix the scoring system (which was suppose to subtract the “bowel upsetfullness”-meter while adding to the score at that rate that would allow you to “overeat” as long as you made it to the toilet in time, for a higher score).
I’m not pleased by the way the game turned out, but I’m very happy with how much I got done on what little free time I was able to spend on making it. Working on a deadline was fun but horrible at the same time and I learned a lot! :slight_smile:
My 2nd game ever btw.

Circus Inferno by Otterly Bearable

Theme: Fire in the Hole

Manage your Circus Pigs while trying to avoid getting burnt to crispy bacon!

Team name: Otterly Bearable
Team members: Yaem, Tomas Lif, elqueff, nikki

Download Link: OtterlyBearable_CircusInferno.rar - Google Drive

Keyboard: WASD to move, 1 2 3 4 to swap between the Pigs
Gamepad: Leftstick to move, Face Buttons to swap between the Pigs

You have to keep swapping between the pigs to try to avoid them rolling into the holes filled with fire.
Currently you can not win, just try to keep them all alive as long as you can :slight_smile:

This was our first Game Jam so we werent entirely sure about how much we could do with the limited timetable and as a result we were a bit overambitious at the start. It was meant to be a multiplayer game where you try to knock each other down into the hole, but since we couldnt get multiplayer function to work nicely enough we scrapped that idea and last-minute adapted it to singleplayer “survival”.

Yaem (Progamming)
Tomas Lif(Graphics & Level Design)
elqueff & nikki (Music and Sound Design)
Bicycle Beat Sweden (Music)

Link to a download of your game: Download Link
Team name: Husky
List of team members: Isotopatex
Name of your submission: Husky_FireStarter

Assets Used:

  • Content Exemples: P_Black_Body
  • Starter Content: Fire Particle System
  • I also Generated myself a landscape via WorldMachine

You Control an airplane (ok it’s just a wing without cockpit so you could technically call it a drone :)) and try to take down as much AA units as you can before drowning in flames.
Have fun and don’t hesitate to suggest modifications or report bugs :wink:

You find the game HERE

Team name: JK5000
List of team members: JK5000
Name of your submission: JK5000_CannonGolf

This is a simple golf/cannon shooting game. The goal of game is to put the cannonball in the hole with fewest possible shots.


  • The blue arrow over the cannon shows the wind direction.
  • When the cannon moves to a new location, it will always faces the hole.
  • You have 3 diffrent cannons you can choose to shoot with. The big cannon shots about 120 meters, the medium cannon shuts about 85 meters and the small cannon shots about 18 meters. To select a cannon use the number keys 1, 2 and 3.

Keyboard controls:
WASD: Rotatet cannon
Space: Fire cannon. (Hold down the button)
1, 2, 3: Change the type of cannon. (Small, medium and big cannon)
H: Hide and shows the wind direction arrow.
Escape: Quit

Used Software:

  • Unreal engine 4
  • Blender
  • GIMP 2
  • Inkscape
  • Audacity

Fire in the whole… forrest by OneManBand

Fire in the whole… forrest by OneManBand

DownloadLink: (83MB zip file) 32bit

This i my 2nd attempt at UE4 jam, more of a game this time.
All game’s assets (except 2 textures and SFX downloaded from and BP’s made in 2 days.
I strongly suggest starting with tutorial enabled.
Team: Just me.

Good luck to all of you!

MouseX,Y - Pitch/Yaw
LeftMB - Water
RightMB - TopDownCamera
Spacebar - AirBrake

Burning Man

Escape the underworld as a marshmallow in Burning Man!

Available now on dropbox while supplies last: DOWNLOAD NOW!


List of team members
Ryan Lee(SpaceBearDev)
Gavin Milroy(TeslaDev)

Name of your submission

[Paloupe Team] Grenade Jump !

[Paloupe Team]

Hi !
How are you ?

We are the Paloupe Team and for our first attempts on the Unreal Engine , we give you Grenade Jump !
The purpose of the game is … go through each level, solving problems with your grenade launcher.
Shoot valves, do some rocket jump might help !
Don’t forget to use geometry with grenades to hit well hidden targets.

>>>>> Link : <<<<<

W,A,S,D : Move
Left Mouse : Grenade launcher exploding at contact
Right Mouse : Grenade Launcher exploding after 5 seconds
CTRL or C : Crouch
Space : Jump
Escape or P : Pause

–The Team–

Enilak - Real Beginner, never programmed anything in his life !
Semche - Beginner with Unreal Engine.
Rinchon - Me ! Who cares ?

–Special Thanks–

Epic Games for their wonderful Engine and the awesome games they made throughout the past decades.
Fred82 for the link we found at the last minutes for the musics :slight_smile:
Enilak for sharing his voice for level transition.
Semche for lending his awesome shower to catch sound.
Redbull for helping me keep going and catch the noise of a flick on the side.
Of course pizza’s and stuff too !


From Unreal Engine : Content Example, Starter Content, Blueprint(example project), Infinity Blade(Fire Land)
External Source : Music from
Semche’s shower
My empty Redbull can
Enilak’s voice

Download here: - Google Drive

Team name: Void Goat
Team members: Void Goat
Name of submission: Explosive Contraptions

Introducing… Blazing Heights!

It’s basically just an endless tower climb, but with more fire.

Team Name: Sypher File Studios
Team Members: SpeedsterZ9000 (Me)

Assets Used:
UE4 Starter Content
Music by Kevin Macleod and Toby Fox
Character model and sound effects by me

My first game! And my first games jam!
Game (if its can be so called) title is: Fire in the hole!Ap2K67ttaX-IiLhIUh-tWYXshFtdHw

Team name: Lonely Student
Team members: only me :slight_smile:
Assets used:
Infinity blade effects
And some free obj files

Download link:!Ap2K67ttaX-IiLhHbapKPyWmZLd_mQ
I hope you will enjoy with this game :smiley:

Hell Hot Hockey

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hell Hot Hockey

Team name: Pyrite Coin
Team members: MarcelBlanck
Submission name: PyriteCoin_HellHotHockey

Assets Used:

  • Particle Effects Demo
  • Water Planes Demo
  • Infinity Blade: Effects
  • Universal Sound FX

Don’t get your fingers burned :rolleyes:

team name :owninator inc.
team memebers: owninator
Name of submission: mine finder
info: you defuse mines by walking around in a minefield
link :

Game name: Infernal Madness
Team: Laughing Tower
Members: Bohrium

A game where you fight hot chillies with milk to survive the heat.
Standard FPS controls in-game. (LMB, RMB, WASD, Spacebar)
Console is open so you can cheat if it’s too hard.