June #UE4JAM, June 25 - 28, "Earth Shattering Kaboom"

Team Name: There is an I in team.
Team Members: James Hodges
Name of Submission: Marvin’s Maze

Move: A, D;
Jump: W, Space
Do other stuff: E, R, F
Mouse: Click Stuff on menus

Download: Dropbox - Error

Good job on all the games everyone! Played all of them.

Team Name - Reeactionstudios
List of Team -
Popa Adrian
Vlad Harsan
Barbu Harsan

Name of submission - ReactionStudios_FireInTheWoods

The idea is to shoot with ice balls into the spreading fire set in the woods by an alien invasion

Initial sketches : we need one week for initial idea

ps: win32 packaging process didn’t finished yesterday to build it

Team Name: Ethans Team
Team Members: Ethan Shulman
Name of Submission: Kaboomha

Windows 32-bit Download

You play as Kaboomha; a lava creature that lives in the deepest parts of the earth. Your special ability is a lava spout that can charge up explosions to jump and launch yourself. Simple gamplay, travel through levels, collect crystals to gain points and don’t lose all your lives or you restart.

Team Name: ActualCodeGames
List of Team Members: Spec
Name of submission: ActualCodeGames_TheButton

The Button is more a Parody and Short Story game.
wasd to move
e to use
tap f to focus
LMB to pres

ALT+Enter for full screen

This is my fist game and the first relese with unreal engine. So unfotunately I didn’t know it would take so long to package and ran in to a lot of errors.


Title: Space Modulator
Team Name: Alexotronic feat. Britt
Members: Alexotronic, Britt

Re-Created the Space platform from

Title: Fallen The Game
Team Name: Artszie
Members: Jonathon Riley, Scott Baker, Rami Fetizanan, Roy Kimani, Lance Seme.

Our team is made up of Artists, and a blueprint developer who joined in the last few hours; We’ve also used this as a ‘get to know’ experience,
the team plans to work on a future project together! So with that we’ve developed a cinematic experience, which we hope to developer further
and release a VR experience. We hope you enjoy this (very short) experience, as we’ve spilled our guts into it.

We’ve streamed our entire experience, and are very thankful for everyone who joined us!
Recommended that you hit Alt+Enter when the game launches for full screen.

(we will release a version later on with sound, it’s the one thing we neglected for the jam. :frowning: )
Blog posts on development to come soon… :slight_smile:

Note: Requires high spec machine! This is simulation data.


Scott ‘Sythenz’ Baker.

Team: Intiger
Members: William Bustamante & Juan Murillo
Game name: Nuke wars
Link: Dropbox - Error
Description: World war never changes. Two laboratories are competing to create nuclear weapons to attack each other. Join the elements to punish your opponent with nuclear power.

I had issues with packaging just before the deadline so I didn’t get a chance to submit, thought I’d post a video though

Submit late, I probably wont mind too much :wink:


Can’t wait to get all of these pulled down :smiley:

Hah Chance each time i look at your badge i see this:

[Sorry if it’s too late]

Title: Death Run
Team Name: Penumbra
Members: xenlock, rinzler

Download Here

Context: An orbital nuke is on its way to wipe out the zombie infestation from Earth. You need to reach the boss and kill him to prevent the nuke from doing collateral damage.

Controls: Space - Jump, Left Ctrl - Slide, Left Shift - Sprint, Left Mouse - Fire Weapon

Unfortunately, there was no time to make a UI, so good luck :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Based on feedback from friends, I’ve added a bit more polish to the game.

An updated build can be obtained HERE
The link to the original contest entry has been left as is for judging, but if you’re downloading the game to play, you should get this newer build.

Just seen this! Hope it’s not too late. Uploading now with an ETA of 1 hour 30mins. Had to package as a 32bit version due to problems, hopefully those are accepted.


Title: Rocket Time
Team Name: (No team)
Members: Lincoln Margison (me, forum name “uunx”)
Name of submission: LincolnMargison_RocketTime



Instructions: The shortcut in the main folder doesn’t work because I renamed (oops), run from “WindowsNoEditor\rockettime\Binaries\Win32”.

Controls: Aim with mouse, left mouse click to fire a rocket. Press “N” to reload the level and reset your score.

Goal: Shoot as many earths as you can within the timelimit.

An announcement list seems like a great idea and we’ll look into it.

Michael Noland

Shout out to everyone that participated and to @AwesomeAllar]( for streaming the play through on Twitch!


Congrats on everyone that joined the jam!
One question to unreal engine: Is there any ETA of the results? I can’t seem to find any information as to when this will be announced?

Kind regards,
Celeste :slight_smile:

"The top 3 submissions will receive an Epic swag bag with all sorts of goodies, a “Game Jam Finalist” forum badge, a featured playthrough on the July 9 Twitch stream, as well as a highlight on Unreal Engine blog! " there you go :smiley:

Don’t you receive an email before the stream if you are one of the finalists?

Detailed rules say thats it would be june 30th