June #UE4JAM, June 25 - 28, "Earth Shattering Kaboom"

We’ll announce on the stream who the winners are - The rules should have said “July 30th” - I’ll make that edit now. We’re still downloading and playing all the games!

Apologies for the confusion!

July 30th or June 30th? Haha :slight_smile:

Should read July - we won’t have the results until the 9th, so I can’t reach out to them today :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile:

Such a looooooooooooooooooong wait…

Apparently I’ve been spamming my refresh email button all day for nothing :0

So I didn’t miss it :o

Oh nice, not late yet :slight_smile:
Let’s see if I have the resources to attend this one.

Hey Kodi, we never got that download, can you post it real quick for us? Thank you!

The download takes me to a 404 page, can you reupload it?

Same with this, a 404 error. Please reupload this thank you!

Sorry for the broken link.
Here is a new one

Little bit confused with all the dates. If I’m understanding, you’ll have the results around today, and the stream announcing the winners will be on the 30th of July?

Also, couple questions about the gamejams in general:

  1. Are they always run over a weekend? Or is it sometimes mid week?
  2. Is it a set date they run every month or does it vary?
  3. If you know the date in advance, would you be able to make a countdown until the next theme announcement or maybe throw it in a news post or alert either by email or in the editor?

Hey! Sorry for the confusion there… The legal jargon is for the time that I’ll be reaching out to winners to collect information. Typically, it’s quicker than that, though we’re still a little behind on shipping out rewards from previous winners. We’ll announce today on the livestream :slight_smile:

They do run over the weekends, yes. We kick them off on the second week of the month typically, unless there’s some reason to push forward or backwards a week.

We try to give at least a week’s heads up, though a couple weeks would probably work better. Going forward, the announcement is going to live in the new Community Tab of the launcher, so you’ll be able to find out about it there as well :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

We’ll be announcing them today on the livestream at 2PM

  1. We always announce them on Thursdays, so yes, over a weekend.
  2. Not really, it varies based on some factors (weather sometimes, events, etc), but usually it’s toward the end of the month.
  3. We try to get them up as soon as we are ready for the next one. The countdown is always on the forum post, but I think it’s probably good to have a countdown somewhere else too (launcher sounds pretty good actually)

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! See you at the stream!

Someone said there was only 1 multiplayer game on the stream, but it was for a different game than our 100% multiplayer game. Did you guys play all of these submissions??

Which was your game? We go through and play everyone one each month that we can access (this month one never got posted).


It was a fully networked arena FPS.

Yeah, It was in the video :slight_smile: Sorry if there was some confusion around “The only multiplayer”. I must have misspoke, sorry bout that!

God it must suck having people hang on your every word, and I’m sorry it probably came across like that.

I just wanted to make sure that you guys were able to mess around with it in multiplayer because Allar had some issues at first, and looking at the clip in the stream of our game it looks like whoever was playing was alone and shooting at the walls haha.

No worries! ALl good here. Really dug the small map and arena feel. And stealing the earth: Classic

Guys, you totally should have contacted us to get footage of Fallen - Artzsie before. It was meant to run on a high spec machine, not at 5fps. :frowning:
I’ll upload footage of it running on my 980.