Jumbled posts / images

This thread has random, completely unrelated images under my posts. Pictures I never uploaded:

It was originally about about drawing 2d lines; now, judging by the images, it’s about:

  • measuring performance
  • Osiris
  • bunch of characters a-posing
  • accepting AnswerHub posts
  • interfaces

Looks like every image comes from a different post, tbh.

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Same issue here. it’s not my own post, but I was using the tutorial to help with a project 'm working on.

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We’re working on this issue - thanks for the report though :slight_smile:

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I dodged at least this one bullet since I always upload images to external sites.


Then from out of nowhere, Imgur announces its moving its whole platform to Discourse! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Seriously tho, Imgur has its own problems as it gets blocked from time to time: Example

Hey as long as I don’t have to pay or clutter my own depots then it’s good !


I agree, Imgur has a lot of problems. I never heard that it is moving to another platform though.

The attachments should be updated at this point. Those posts are looking tidied up from my end - how about on your side?

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Looks spot on! Thank you.

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Fake news dude. :wink: