July #UE4JAM, July 23-26th, Theme: ROCKET AND ROLL

**Here are the top submissions! Congrats to all the teams!
Serial Krillers - Serial KrillersDino Rokket - The Bruno SpecialKABOUNCE! - Team Tivaru



  • Make the most amazing game by yourself or with a team (up to 5) around the given theme in Unreal Engine 4.

  • Submit a download link to this thread before **midnight on the night of July 26/ morning of July 27 **including the following:

  • Team Name

  • List of Team Members

  • Name of submission (Please format it with your team’s name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    After you post your submission, PM me with the email addresses of your team members (up to 5), the name of your team and the name of your project. That makes it easier to get in contact with so make sure to send that info over!

  • A small panel at Epic will judge entries on the following criteria:

  • Unique use of theme

  • Fun factor

  • Overall Visuals

  • Detailed Rules Available Here

All submissions will be featured in a highlight reel posted to our YouTube and shown on Twitch.

The top 3 submissions will receive an Epic swag bag with all sorts of goodies, a “Game Jam Finalist” forum badge, a featured playthrough on the July 30th Twitch stream, as well as a highlight on Unreal Engine blog!

Happy developing, and good luck!

Theme Announce Countdown](Time since Jul 23, 2015 2:00 pm started in Raleigh)
**Submission Deadline **Countdown](Time since Jul 27, 2015 started in Raleigh)

Streaming your work on Twitch? Let us know so we can follow along!
Are you on Twitter? Show off your work using the #ue4jam](https://twitter.com/hashtag/ue4jam?src=hash) hashtag!

I might join in on this one, if i have the time ^^

Made an account just for this! Woo hoo!

Awesome! Glad to have you aboard!

Awwww yeah!

Maybe i’ll join in, even tho im only a beginner.

Skullkitty will be competing in this one again!! Look forward to not sleeping this weekend haha

Okay, this time I really wanna try to participate. If there is a team looking for a coder, please let me know :slight_smile:

If you’re a programmer looking for a 3d artist, check my portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artist/

I’m looking for practice and fun!

I hope to drop by, if time allows…

I think I may finally participate in this one.

I’ll (hopefully) participate as well.

All these first posters! Awesome to see. Remember to use the #ue4jam hashtag on social so we can follow along. Also, does a rad livestream after the deadline, it’s always a great time :slight_smile:

AllarNoKitatus: Judgement Day

Forming our team now!!! :slight_smile:

Though I will be a bit busy during the jam, I will try to make something for the jam.

What’s the theme btw ?

I announce my my participation in this event… yes. And go even further to link my twitch, that might be active from time to time during this jam period… maybe.

I think I might give this a shot. Always wanted to do a game jam, and I’ve got an interesting idea that I think might be pretty neato for this theme.

For those looking for a name, this website can give you some funny names that fits the theme :slight_smile: