Juddery skeletal mesh replicated animation

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out why in my two player game, the skeletal animation playback for both characters is extremely juddery / shaky on the client.
It plays smoothly on the server version of the running game.

I’t looks like it is interfering with itself but that can’t be it as I have authority checks on and starting anims only on Auth.

I’m testing with CAT cable over LAN so bandwidth and signal should be fine.

Any ideas?


It seems like it was mostly due to me having a couple of conflicting parts that made up that particular animation. Strangely though it didn’t show up when playing locally on the listen server.
The main things were that I still had translate values on the pelvis while also adding root motion with AddMovementInput. I stripped that out of the animation assets. Also I was unnecessarily replicating the location vector variables I use to re-plant the feet to the ground using IK. It is now playing pretty smooth. Enough for now anyway.