joystick-like navigation on UMG with vive controllers?

Hi! I’ve been investigating how to navigate through a UMG 3d widget using the vive controller’s face buttons (the thumbstick’s “dpad”) by looking at many tutorials, forum posts and documentation. However I haven’t been able to come up with a proper answer as I don’t know where to define the axes or input actions that make possible navigation using common joystick buttons in UMG menus.

Is this even possible? Do I need to simulate joystick buttons through the vive’s buttons? Am I supposed to dig into the Widget Interaction component? I’m kind of lost in this.

As a rough idea that comes to my mind:
Look at the Gamepad UMG plugin and replace the Gamepad related stuff and hook in the motion controller axis values. See step 3 of this doc for SetupInputBindung() and the use InputComponent->GetAxisValue() to receive the MotionController_ThumbX/Y values.

Will do, thanks a lot!