Join the Discord Modding Chat

I’d like to formally invite everyone to come and join the discussion over on Discord. This channel is community-lead.

I encourage you to come hang out if you are looking to get tips, advice, or if you just want to share your frustrations with your latest project. Not often does a person have 100% of the answer, but 100 people each have 1% in their head. Let’s work together to get to 100%

If you haven’t heard about Discord, its a free app with a ton of cool features.

Come join the discussion!

Note from the Discord Admins:
If you try to use the link, and it won’t generate a discord invite for you, click the “Contact Staff” link to let us know. Make sure to include your email address so that we know where to send an invite code.

Come join the fun! The discord group has kicked off really well.

The more people involved in this group, the better. As it becomes a strong and stronger hive mind. Muahahaha

Big thanks to those who set this Discord group up! It is proving invaluable for me and it has really accelerated my progress with the Ark Dev Kit. Cheers!

Highly recommend for all ARk modders.

Trying not to get irritated that there’s 70 people in the #modding channel and not a single person replying. Why log into the chat if you aren’t gonna chat? lol

That’s exactly the attitude that won’t get you an answer! There are a lot of people in there(from all over the world, hence more people might answer at a different time) and eventually someone will answer. I just saw your question, i might have helped you but you are gone already because you didn’t get an answer after 20 minutes. I’d also suggest you look up some unreal engine tutorials because your question is basically “how do i get a variable from a actor reference”.

From personal experience being an active member of the mIRC QuakeChat for Ark Modding, Just because I’m signed in, doesn’t mean I’m not working on my own mods, and 20min? I could go 2-3 hours before I take a break on my own mod.

Don’t join mIRC or Discord and expect everyone in there to be actively watching the chat 24/7. People in there are doing it for free, to be helpful to the community, or people are in there desperately trying to fix their own problems. If you can’t wait 20minutes for someone to notice and help, watch some cat videos on youtube or something. Hopefully you never need to go to an ER and wait for 5 hours to see a doctor…

one of the admins and apparently the guy who runs the discord banned me for pointing out that he cyber bullied another modder and broke various laws in different countries for positng personal information on the forums. so if you want to have that kind of a person running the discord its not a place i would say is good to join…

There are no laws about posting public information on public forums. After all, I got it from a public site. If you want to steal mods (and ample, ample, head shakingly ample, evidence has been provided), and then pull DMCA notices on people yourself, don’t be upset when people let others know how to take you to court.

you were warned twice to stop breaking the rules.

umm yea there is… it can also fall under cyber bullying laws.

i challenge you to steal my boat mod, download it from the workshop and load it in your dev kit for me please… he didnt steal anything, the dragon guy accused him of stealing some sort of texture, he made it himself i know this for a fact, the dragon mod author appoligiezed and removed the dmca… you had a personal issue with this modder, you got the thread locked for breaking epic games forum rules and according to quite a few sources what you did posting the information could breach various laws in various places. So therefore it is my opinion you should be removed as any sort of authority figure in anything that Wildcard is associated with.

well you can have your opinion about whatever you want, but wildcard has no control over who is in charge in the discord group, and for good reason. I am just the admin that doesn’t mind the public ridicule from people like you, so I am the one that deals with it 99% of the time. There was no bullying, I had several requests for that information, and so it was provided. I did not call people out to go and attack him or anything of that nature. You might want to get a lawyer before making legal claims, just a thought. And again, name and address is not private information in America, that is all public record. You can post that information all over the place if you want. Defamation requires it to be false facts and requires state jurisdiction. So you should read the links you post before posting them. If you couldn’t tell, no one cares but yalls tiny little group that loves to cause problems for the entire community. You have done it before with other modders, and you are at it again, along side spezz this time. Please keep providing the entertainment. Again, the proof has already been provided several times. You can beat a dead horse all you want. People just ignore you guys now, if that hasn’t become apparently obvious.

I apologized when iSpeZz told me that it was a mistake that my textures was in his mod and he had taken measures to remove them and replace with his own. He pointed his finger at Bossgrim. My textures was in his mod. Textures are not compiled into a binary format in UE4. They can easily be viewed in the editor by moving the cooked mod folder over into the mods folder for the devkit.

The DMCA ran out on its own when I did not file suit. ISpeZz had replaced them the same day the DMCA was filed.

Jslay has already posted the conversation between iSpeZz and Bossgrim here on these forums.

Discord Modding Chat is great. People are very helpful. Thanks for setting this up!

just a FYI my information is not public record i already contacted steam and ask it was only giving to 1 person and wasn’t posted in any public domain from the very beginning of me starting modding u have harassed me on here

I did not get it from Steam, or whomever this 1 person is that you claim. You have an internet footprint, and your name was not hard to find, I knew you were in <REMOVED> from when I was helping you and you told me you were there. <REMOVED> provides that information upon request. Among several other pay for services tied into their system.

I can go to your posts and show where I provided you help. I don’t think you can say from the very beginning I have harassed you.

I started to point out your moral/ethical problems when you decided to use assets I gave you in a mod I specifically told you, you could not accept donations for. For which, you removed the donation link, until about a week after that conversation, and an even bigger one was put in its place, along with the credit for my asset, being removed from your list of credits. And that happened before I ever started to point out your issues, because I had none with you at that point, you had literally just uploaded your first mod. Lets keep in mind who started this the last 2 times. Kilrath/Vindomire and you. I have only responded to your posts.

And when I did confront you, I basically got the same response that you gave in the evidence provided against you in the DMCA Encryption showed us before submitting it. That because you had access to the assets, you could consider them yours if you just remade them in a new file, even though they were exactly the same.

Again, we are tired of hearing your non-sense stories. Just move on, learn from this, there are more important things in life.

U make no sense u gave me assets lol yeah ok u threaten to sue me from day 1 if I made anything that was Similar to ur so called dyhrator if unlike I can post screens when u said that and there is nothing online where u cant look up a dmca notice that I submitted to steam after encryption they informed me since not legal act was taken that it was not made public therefore u got it from him

Glad to see my diversion worked and wasted your time.

and as to me not providing the asset.

And I informed you not to accept donations and we had about a 20m talk about how what you are doing and how you couldn’t care less if it offended others.

You must have a short memory.

So you cant edit/delete the post since you seem to edit yourself when you know you are in a bind.

  • Who knows if that is even still there. Probably, you have short memory. (EDIT: Yes, it is, but no longer on the front page with all your others.)

Not hard to find information when you have a massive donate link. And it provides your full name when you make a donation. I donated a dollar, so I would know. And then your social sites helped me to verify the correct one from the information I received from public records on that name. Nothing illegal. Been sitting on this info for about 2 months now, waiting for you to keep pulling this stunt. Now we got you in a bind, and you are trying to get out of it, and cant. Sorry.


Are you going to claim defamation again even though its me catching you in your lies? Isn’t there some law against you falsely claiming defamation against someone? Oh right, there is… hmmm… Lets see how many screenshotted posts you edit this go around.

I’ve got more of this proof if you want to keep going. Been collecting it for months.

How much money you wanna put on spezz contacting an admin because his email is there? Already know all your steps bud.

Lol so ur butt hurt over a reusable out let that every mod on the workshop has lmao that’s the reason behind ur harassment… Wow did u just see how that made u because u helped me with create a reusable outlet ur mad and u just openly admitted to donating just so u can find out my name …wow if that doesn’t show how far u went just to find out who I am u went for harassment to stalking me…

I didn’t contact no one ur the on breaking epic forum rules that’s on u <REMOVED>

Well. You just let us all know how truly ****ing retarded you are. Good job. If you think this is over an outlet, you are even ****ing dumber than I ever could have imagined, and we are all ****ing amazed at how you could be so ****ing ignorant. I told you I could give 2 ***** less about my account on these forums. If you really think it took that much effort to get all your info, it was about 10m of work and $40 we pitched in to get the info. Then about a week of waiting to get that info.

You’re **** right right we wanted to have that info, because we wanted to be able to ****ing sue the **** out of you when you **** up. Flip ****ing ****. Good job. Thanks. Don’t come here expecting a free lunch off others hard work. We are ****ing done with you now. That is we, as in the entire ****ing ARK modding community. Why do you think NO ONE has backed you except your other friend who has also been accused of harassment and all sorts of other stuff by several other modders in the past. You should monetize your ********, because it’s top notch golden **** right there.