Join the Discord Modding Chat

I’d like to formally invite everyone to come and join the discussion over on Discord. This channel is community-lead.

I encourage you to come hang out if you are looking to get tips, advice, or if you just want to share your frustrations with your latest project. Not often does a person have 100% of the answer, but 100 people each have 1% in their head. Let’s work together to get to 100%

If you haven’t heard about Discord, its a free app with a ton of cool features.

Come join the discussion!

Note from the Discord Admins:
If you try to use the link, and it won’t generate a discord invite for you, click the “Contact Staff” link to let us know. Make sure to include your email address so that we know where to send an invite code.

Come join the fun! The discord group has kicked off really well.

The more people involved in this group, the better. As it becomes a strong and stronger hive mind. Muahahaha

Big thanks to those who set this Discord group up! It is proving invaluable for me and it has really accelerated my progress with the Ark Dev Kit. Cheers!

Highly recommend for all ARk modders.

Trying not to get irritated that there’s 70 people in the #modding channel and not a single person replying. Why log into the chat if you aren’t gonna chat? lol

That’s exactly the attitude that won’t get you an answer! There are a lot of people in there(from all over the world, hence more people might answer at a different time) and eventually someone will answer. I just saw your question, i might have helped you but you are gone already because you didn’t get an answer after 20 minutes. I’d also suggest you look up some unreal engine tutorials because your question is basically “how do i get a variable from a actor reference”.

From personal experience being an active member of the mIRC QuakeChat for Ark Modding, Just because I’m signed in, doesn’t mean I’m not working on my own mods, and 20min? I could go 2-3 hours before I take a break on my own mod.

Don’t join mIRC or Discord and expect everyone in there to be actively watching the chat 24/7. People in there are doing it for free, to be helpful to the community, or people are in there desperately trying to fix their own problems. If you can’t wait 20minutes for someone to notice and help, watch some cat videos on youtube or something. Hopefully you never need to go to an ER and wait for 5 hours to see a doctor…

Discord Modding Chat is great. People are very helpful. Thanks for setting this up!


if you cross jslay you will just get banned there. Wildcard needs an official one.

Lol, but he said its community led

316 members strong.

Hello all,

Just thought I’d say hey.


Hi, I am trying out this thread.

I have downloaded the ARK Dev Kit, and also watched plenty tutorial windows. But nothing would help me better to learn how to develop mods with the ADK, than creating an actual usable real mod with your help. That is why I am here. I need a step-by-step assistance for the first one or two mods, then i should be able to take off from there. :slight_smile:

Mod 1 that I want to develop:
An ultra-flat square that can snap onto foundations, floors/ceilings, or walls. It will have a texture and will appear like a wallpaper or carpet or tiles, etc.
It must not prevent other items to be mounted to foundations, floors/ceilings or walls, and it also should be mountable to those even if other items are already mounted onto the underground. Please give me a step-by-step guide (can be splittet into several postings). Thanks a lot!

Mod 2 that I want to develop:
an ultra-flat “stripe” that can be mounted on foundations, floors/ceilings, or walls, and that illuminates a room. Not one strong light source integrated, but many smaller ones so the illumination takes place along the length of this light stripe. Light color adjustable with the three RGB sliders (as seen with food recipes), and light intensity also adjustable with a slider.

No one answers…

I feel as though the admin of the discord modding channel has it in for me. I block someone on their because gave me hate on something im working on and i’m the one who gets banned. I’ve made mistakes before yes and i have apologised for them. But nothing was done to the person who gave me hate yet im banned. Can i please be unbanned please all i want to do is get modding help with ADK it isn’t much to ask for. Im trying not to cause drama and i don’t want to cause drama but i’m not going to accept being provoked like that from people. So i did the best thing and block him so i don’t see his messages. But then i get banned? and cannot rejoin. Can i please be unbanned

see how much better it works, now that you don’t take criticism so personal? No one here is trying to be mean, but the attitude you started with was not working for anyone. we are only trying to keep it a friendly, and professionalish place. we would do the same thing, banning another person, if they had acted the way you did, initially, towards you in those contexts. we really do appreciate that you have made an attempt to be apart of the community, and take the critiquing as suggestions, more than personal attacks. No one has it out for you here. I hope you have seen that the last few days in chat with us.

if u want join this dicord i dont ban ppl or block anyone i have no ranks everyone shares with everyone just let me know who u are ill set u as modder rank

When you have 450 people in a discord, you don’t really have a choice but to manage the users or it would be a nightmare.

Having said that, there is no rule in place that hasn’t been put in place, that doesn’t benefit the community as a whole. 450 other people can follow the simple rules just fine with no problem. Undermining the rules, is undermining the community as a whole, and we don’t play around with that.

Only been 4 people out of 450 have been banned, for the almost full year we have had that discord, and for good reasons multiple people agreed upon.

It’s just those pesky out liars that are selfish, or immature, that we have to deal with every once in a while…

i dont know why u quoted me to tell me that i was just offering a choice plus im pretty sure ur bias towards me and its the reason i was ban off there which someone sent me a screenshot saying u dont like me and thats why u ban me so with that said i decided to stay away from ur stuff and do my own thing which is what i have be doing… so please leave me out of ur drama thanks