Join Session in Editor - Bug?!


I’ve ran into some strange issues with PIE LAN sessions. The issue only occurs when I try it in the editor and does not affect the packaged project. But I can’t rebuild the project every time after minor changes or I won’t finish my work till christmas 2080 :frowning:

So here’s what happens:

I’ve got 2 levels. Level 1 is the “MainMenu” and level 2 is the “Level”. The game starts with the menu and from the menu you can create a session or join a session. If you create a session, level 2 will be loaded.

When creating and joining a session in PIE, the client can join the session but it seems that UE loads the desired level additive instead of absolute, which is totally strange because this behavior does NOT occur in a packaged game.

Here are some screenshots from PIE:

And from the game instance:

And here’s a fact that is super strange: I put a debug string in the level BP of the main menu (“Main Menu Loaded!”) and it gets called right after joining a session. So it seems that in PIE level 1 and 2 get loaded at the same time :-/

Please help me with this issue and best regards,

No answers at all? :frowning:

Did you ever solve this? I have similar problems and can’t find any solutions.