John Romero and Adrian Carmack are making a new FPS

What do you think they are up to?

Interesting… Thought the landscape looked familiar and it is!
Must have been one hell of pub crawl for them to end up there :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see the legends getting to work again. I hope it will get somewhere good :smiley:

Well this is certainly some good news for a change! :smiley:

It will be good!
(i hope)

Me too…me too.

So I did some digging and this came up.

Either way the first newsletter should come out today.

Remember how id put out a press release a year before Doom was out? Saying it was going to be the best game ever.

They say you can’t overhype, you can only underdeliver.

Edit: Also, a (sort of) important question - What engine will they use? If it’s a small team it won’t be homebrewed, right?
It’ll be one of The Big Three licensed engines.

They are no more young guys with crazy ideas, now they are two old farts that want to make money. Sadly this is showing and will show in their creations.
Because they are just two old farts their ideas are 20 or 30 years old, back then they did great things because they did not cared about income, now i expect more call of duty or halo clones.

Even their best achievements released today would miserably fail, while i wish to get new game like quake 1 was, there is no hope it will be success.
Same goes for new mmo wow clones, even if they are superior to original, one just cannot play it for years and not get bored.
Quake had its time, but those guys in pursuit of more $$$ seem to be blind for that.

Also expectations. Everybody and their dog expects something great from them, just like with Duke Nukem Forever, if they do not deliver they will be burried alive.

Ouch! Not taking any prisoners today, eh Nawrot???..
Neither of them were all that corporate or conformist!
So I still think there’s some life blood / rebellion left.
If I’m wrong you can always come back and gloat :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I do not have any hard feelings for them, it is just what happens to people while they age.
Those 2 are not exception, if you look at their games over years you will see that.

So I hope that i am wrong (they made some great games years ago), but I think it will be yet another duke nukem forever, just delivered faster.

I may be little dissapoint with new DOOM. Its nothing nowhere old one. So that may be reason of my lack of enthusiasm here.

T minus 30 minutes til The Return.

I read somewhere that Romero was developing an MMOFPS… I guess we’ll find out in 10 minutes :smiley:

Looks pretty generic and meh. I don’t even get how these guys can keep banking on their names any more; neither of them have been attached to any particularly notable games for quite a long time now.

Apparently he’ll live stream about this in 50 minutes on Twitch

Looks like they are using unreal engine 4 per their Kickstarter.

Unreal 4. We want to focus on gameplay and not building an engine from scratch. Classic FPS gameplay at a blistering speed and a high framerate demands a C-based engine.

“C-based engine.”


Romero said on the live stream that the engine choice provided good/easy mod support, or something along those lines.

Well. Im curious but i give him the chance. He has earned it.
Let him try and its good pr for ue4. I see winwin.

This is also not really true :confused: