John Romero and Adrian Carmack are making a new FPS

I believe he can do a great job, people still remind him about the Daikatana failure but they forget that thanks to Ion Storm we got Deus Ex, Thief and Anachronox.

He was only involved in one of those games (Anachronox) - and reviews for it were pretty mixed. That was also fifteen years ago now…

I’ve met John a few times and he’s a really great guy. He also has his hand in about 5-7 different companies at any given time, along with his wife Brenda who also stays just as busy (and they have like 7 kids or something too, which blows my mind as I have one child and feel like most of my days are chaotic and out of control). With that said, Romero’s Aftermath was (I believe) his latest released project, and it was a complete clone of Day-Z, minus some functionality. I could only play it for about 3 hours before I couldn’t take it anymore.

I know both of these guys have used UE4 extensively on other projects so I don’t doubt their ability to use the engine (which was hinted at in previous posts here), and both of these guys are making more than enough money to even begin worrying about their paycheck. I just hope their focus isn’t so divided between all of their different ventures that they miss the mark on this.

John Romero wasn’t involved in Romero’s Aftermath.

Yeah I’m an idiot. He said one of his projects involved zombies and I just assumed this was it given the glaring name similarity. Apparently Romero’s Aftermath is from George Romero’s son, Cameron. That makes me feel better.

They cancelled the campaign until having a working demo to show.

That is good news Kinda. Lets hope that the demo is awesome.

I think they made the right decision cancelling the campaign. Still have hope for Romero, he used to have really solid level design. The concept art to me looked bland, but hopefully they realized that.

I hope they come back with a nice demo, but I don’t think the weapon ideas are great. Doom and Quake had great, visceral weapons.