Jittering when using lookat camera in sequencer

Make a sequencer sequence, add an actor doing some animation. Add a dolly and then a crane attached to it. Add a cinematic camera to the crane.

Now set the crane’s camera to track the actor as it moves around. Notice that there’s jittering going on?

I think something is off on the sequence of transforms within heirarchies in the sequencer code. It looks like the camera sort of fights with something else when trying to resolve the look at rotation, either that or the ordering of movements is off (if a camera tracks something, then that thing needs to resolve its transforms before the tracked camera or things will be off with the look at).

Hey zoombapup,

I’m seeing this on first setup, however after re-opening the map or restarting the project, the jitter seems to go away.

Do you have an example setup that reproduces this after initial setup?

If so, you can PM me a download link on the forums.

Hi zoombapup,

We have not heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing the issue you reported, please respond to this message with additional information and we will follow up.

I had the same problem before. I changed the Time snapping interval to 0.1s when I edit the Camera Transform, then I changed it to 30fps, it work well.

Same problem here with jittering camera after choosing “Enable Lock at Tracking”.I created a simple scene with cinecamera attached to camerarig_crane which is look at cone.

Hey Thom,

Can you zip up that project and send it to me?

Hey I PM you a message.

Hey Thom Coffee,

Thank you for the example project. Essentially the reason I wasn’t seeing it with my project was because I wasn’t moving the camera fast enough. Some choppy playback is expected when moving a camera quickly at 30fps, but not like this. I’ve entered UE-33632.

Thanks for following up on this Answerhub thread.

I know this is an old issue and is marked as resolved but I am using Unreal 5.3.2 and I am having the same issue.

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Same here. Using 5.3.1

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Same here 5.3.2

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Yep, 5.3.2 and awful jitter - its like camera shake even on a slow move.