Jetpack with unlimited fuel

I’m trying to give players a jetpack with unlimited fuel, however I’m not sure how and if that’s possible. I’ve tried infinite ammo settings which did not fix the issue.
I’m not too familiar with gameplay tags but there’s a gameplay tag named “HasMaxReserveFuel”, could unlimiteed fuel somehow be achived using that?

@Trimix_YT Thank you for your report! We would like to look into this further, would you be able to submit a bug report using the form available here? Fortnite Creative

I don’t think it’s really a bug tho, more like a missing feature. My post is more so a question to see if anyone knows if it’s possible and how incase it is. Should I submit a bug report anyway?


Hello! I found this post relatively late but I am also looking to implement this feature for one of my maps. Assuming Fortnite does not have a feature request submission process, I think submitting this as a bug would be appropriate in my opinion. @Trimix_YT, have you made any progress on this issue?