January Game Jam Results with - Live from Epic HQ!

The January #ue4jam saw nearly 70 entries! What a way to kick off the new year! To celebrate you all, the wonderfully witty, talented, and hilarious group of devs, we’ll be dedicating the entire livestream to “Don’t Push the Button”. Everyone’s favorite Hero of the Peole, , will be joining us via Skype while we announce the winners, play their games, and talk about all the great projects we saw come across in January. Don’t miss it!

Thursday, January 28th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



  • Hero of the Peole - @MichaelAllar]()
  • Sr. Community Manager - ]()
  • Community Manager - ]()

" Hero of the Peole. . ."
Oh wow! Someone else loves Ullar Jorberg too!Üllar Jörberg - Peole - YouTube Zumba music ever!

dear lord that chest hair…

Should be a ton of fun when you mix , , & plaid together in one place =)

Amazing, :0.

man i hate missing these things live lol