I've tried everything. Packaging Error

I keep getting these errors when packaging. I’ve played around with packaging settings over and over. I’ve deleted folders such as saved build and intermediate, I’ve fixed up directories and validated everything. I don’t know what these errors mean. Any help?

![alt text][2]

I honestly don’t know, the only tip would be it’s looking for provisioning profiles so if this is for mobile you need to run through your mobile packaging setup again.

Have you tried to compile and package into a Win10 environment?
If you packaging for mobile you must have all android sdk settled perfectly
I’m just guessing.
If you wanna share your project I’m gonna try to compile on my machine

Thanks for the response. When I choose to package I use Windows (64-bit), is it packaging to mobile?

I’ve been doing it this way, is this what you mean?

I have it installed now, although my project is blueprint only so I’m not sure if it will help?

Thank you, it has shown me more info.

Woah okay. That’s really strange, I’m on a windows 10 laptop.

Do you have engine debugger symbols installed? That might help getting a more tracable error stack.

I think it should still be able to give you a more detailed stack trace (without UnknownFunctions).

I mean compile and packaginf everything using a computer with WINDOWS10, cause I saw that you are on a Mac.
But donno if It makes important changes

I haven’t seen any indication that you’d be on a Mac, I think @Triko misinterpreted something.

Awesome, now you can probably start going on the “Client target not found” error on Google, like this one: ERROR: Client target not found! - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Check if any of those results on Google can fix your problem.

ahah, sorry but in the image of the post there is the world Apple Computer in the path

That’s common for Windows builds.

Thank you for all the help, I managed to determine it was due to having Ai Controller on possess event spawn default controller. It should have been on the possess of the Ai character.