I've created an Infinite Voxel World, similar to Minecraft

Very nicely done. You have accomplished a lot here.

Well my initial thoughts were it would definately run better on Unreal Engine 4. My mind was just wondering off into what performance gains you would see plus the possibilities of expansion with the idea. No Man’s Sky + Space Engineers + Minecraft anyone? Somebody get on that game now! :rolleyes:

Heh, I’m currently doing a cross-over between Minecraft + Starbound (you know, this planet system thingy) + Factorio :cool:

Weird, so blocks are static meshes components? As you can’t create custom components in Blueprints which voxels should be if you want to have nice performance.

So is there any chance people can get access to the project files or something, to add more stuff into it? Just curious

Congratulations. This is very impressive. I LOVED the AO.

Also, If you want a Help, I can make the textures for you.

Check my portfolio at art station:

Blocks are instances in an ISMC, you can’t do this with static meshes. You also don’t need custom components for this, the GPU performance of this basically could not be better I think.

I don’t know yet.

Do you not like the textures I currently use? :rolleyes:

Sure… but you said at first post:

I like the pixel style of minecraft. But if you wanna go to a whole new level, what you think about real realistic textures?

That’s ok haha, just think about it, I bet a lot of people would love to mod this, myself included.

First off, great work John, very impressive work there! Is there any chance you will share how you determine which are visible blocks? Do you do some kind of neighbour visible parse? I guess there are lots of ways to do this, but only a few that would perform well.

In anyway, big thumbs up and keep up the good work man!

Very cool.

Super cool!

How are you spawning in the ISMC’s in your chunks quickly enough to keep it from hitching? I have a similar system and that’s been one of the issues I’ve faced.

Also, how are you handling collision? I’ve found that colliders are what kill performance, not the visual portion. Are you doing anything special to turn colliders on/off?

how far do you plan on going for the project? It looks great.

I would love to get a look at the blueprints. So yes - please get it into the marketplace.

Just for the record, already exist an implementation of a voxel based game,it’s called Brick Game, and is open source link

Nice! You’ll have to show the community some screenshots!

Soon in Steam with minecraft building style, but with realistic custom-users materials

I did not understand.

Haha, it’s really WIP, but I post some screenshots on my Twitter, and I’ll soon make a WIP thread about that. It also has modding support with custom textures / materials, Lua scripting and much more…

I am working on game with Mincraft building system (very easy to use) and with high textures materials, which can be customization by users in some interval.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English