Iterating text textures on objects in level

Hey everyone,

I’m building a prison cell block where the cells are labeled with numbers painted on the doors in a specific font and color.
There are many cells so is there a way to iterate or create some sort of text parameter that would help me label all the doors without brute forcing every single label?

A lovely MS paint diagram is attached to illustrate the type of text I want, They’re all the same size, position (Relative to SM), color, and font. Only the text content (number) is changed.


This would definitely be possible by blueprinting, maybe creating all numbers 0-9 as decals would be a start. However I’m not much of an programmer so unfortunately I can’t help you further.

This is fine and simple enough, but I’d like to know how to apply them to the objects without hand placing them.

Thank you though, appreciate you.