Item Highlight Material

I am trying to create a highlight material for items in my game. I want it to be a “sweeping glow” like in the Resident Evil games where there is a “shine” or “glow” sweeping across the surface of the object. All I can find through google was for outlines. I don’t want an outline. I need this glow to be applied to the object material directly and not through a camera effect. Meaning the glow needs to exist at all times and not just when mousing over it.

probably use a dynamic material instance. haven’t played resident evil though so not completely sure.

please, somebody respond. I am tired of seeing topics with no answers on here. Everybody just buggers off when asked anything non-standard.

you might want to show an example of what your attempting from the game you mention so we can know what your talking about. your issue could be something as simple as a panning texture but whos to know based on the info provided.

also keep in mind that every person answering questions here is a volunteer. no ones getting paid and no one is obligated to answer. complaining about not getting answers isnt going to get you anywhere and in some cases will deter people for various reasons. one last point you posted this over a weekend when many people are out doing other things which could be another contributing factor.

Here is the best I could do. In this short clip, watch the items you see sitting there. The light effect on them is what I am trying to get.


There are 3 ways I can think of to make that effect. A light shining on the object with a light function that uses a unique channel so only the object receives the light.
If the a light vector and the vertex normal are ran through a dot product you can fake lighting in the material, the maybe just pan a sine wave across it. A sine wave in worldspace may work too.
A screen space post process effect that brightens the selected object.
So basically it can be faked inside or outside the material, or with an actual light

Could you please elaborate on the sine wave in worldspace? Also, how easy do you think such a technique could be implemented into a material function?

something like this mixed into the base color and maybe the specular should work.

Oh sweet. Thank you, it’s simple and effective.