Item detection for pick up line trace or collision?

In case if you are using standart shapes (cube, sphere, capsule) as collisions it is a little bit simplier to just check intersection of shapes (in most cases just one calculation). Linetrace require some more. Sometimes this includes getting points of intersection, sometimes segmentation and checking of each point on line. And one more thing - line trace is used to check both direction and distance, while collision - mostly only distance.

Hi, i would like to know what is better for optimalization? I have object and i can pick it and save it into inventory.
I am using collision on that object, so if my character colide with item he got report and can pick it.
I can use line trace, test the distance and that do the same…

But what is better collision or line trace? Is there some big difference in optimalization or something else?

Thanks for your answers.

i am using standart shapes… so it shoud be ok, thx for tips and fast response :slight_smile: