It takes a long time to compile my UE5 project

It takes a long time to compile my UE5 project.

Hey there @shortbana! Compilation times have risen a bit with Unreal Engine 5, how long are your average compile times? May I know your specs? What’s the scale of your project?

Firstly, thank you !

  1. My project is still in the initial stage. I just created 18 classes. Some of those has no merber function.
  2. I did not specific timing the average compile time, but I remember the longest compilation tooks at least 15 minutes, but the fastest took a few second. I am wondering about why adding a line of code ,which is used to assignment , takes a long time to compile ?

belowis my PC’s hardware list:

CPU: AMD 5800x
RAM: 32 GB
SSD 1T (storage software, including UE, VS)
HHD 4T (storage the files of my program)

Compile time has many factors, CPU use, RAM use, and the scale of the changes are the three chief ones. Compile times should remain much lower than 15 minutes for a fresh project.

Is your project a mix of C++ and BP or just C++?

If both, does standard BP compile take as long?

Here’s another thread users were discussing the differences in comp times/speed from UE4 to 5, might not provide much but a bit of extra insight:

Actually, My used C++ and BP to build my project , but standard BP compile doesn’t take as long. And also , my project is transfered from UE 4.27. In UE 4.27 ,project compile fast.

I understand! UE4 compile times are going to be better for a while, due to new plugins and other engine parts that were added in UE5. As I’ve observed with most personal projects (and that thread) the jump to UE5 did increase both compile and build times exponentially. I know some users have been trying to find optimizations for it, like disabling excess plugins, cleaning up dependencies, etc, but from what I can tell it’s innate that UE5 is heavier. Still though, 15 minutes on a nearly fresh project is still anomalous. Are there any mass warnings during compiles? And are the redistributables up to date?

I have updated my visual studio 2022 and there is no warnings during compile. Actually it has some error in my geme during the game is running. I made up a topic to seek a solusion for that error. However, I don’t think that lead my program compile time-consuming.

I’ll have to do some research on if there are better ways (without gutting necessary plugins) to reduce the new compile time.

thank you very much!