It is possible to update multiple viewports when I play the project?

I’m really surprised this isn’t available, I’m also coming over from Unity after working with it for years, it’s making the transition harder than I expected

I’ve been saying simple things like this ( [Feature Request] Stuff I miss from Unity ) for years and it seems like no one at Epic listens or care.

Too bad, the community support is almost non-existence and I don’t even get any feedback on bug reports. It just falls into the void. I’m sitting and waiting helplessly.

And the forum organization is also pretty bad (we need more granular topics so that they don’t get all mixed up), thus, I don’t enjoy spending time in Epic Forum. I do a quick search and leave. That’s it. Yeah, the updated Forum is worse than before.

Epic, please go to Unity forum and just copy their Forum if you are clueless and spend some money improving the community support.

New to UE and it would be really helpful this feature for debugging purposes and more for people like me that don’t have too much time with the editor and need more visual references. Disappointed to don’t see it on UE5.

I’m trying to move from Unity to Unreal and I honestly can’t believe this isn’t a feature, it seems like such a basic requirement.