It is possible to update multiple viewports when I play the project?

Another bump.

I’m currently writing new Camera code and it’d be a LOT easier to test if this feature existed. (Move camera in one game view while looking at the movement in another view)

Couple users have attempted to add this feature themselves:…1-player/page5
I’m now using the ‘ExtraWindowCam Unreal Engine 4 Plugin’ mentioned in thread. The code is available at GitHub - chaosgrid/ExtraCamWindow: A simple Unreal Engine 4 plugin that allows to have extra game and with a few tweaks I got it running in 4.18.3. It’s hacky and buggy, so while it’s enough for now, I wish Epic would properly implement the feature as well.

Bumping again since it’s a really handy feature

Agree with other posters, this would be a really useful feature.

Bump. Coming from unity, just started using unreal, and this makes it much trickier to debug code that is not directly visible in game. It feels like I am missing something… because this feature just feels… key…

I’ve looked up the feature request that was posted by Adam Davis on page one of this thread**:** UE-15856,.There seems to be no record of it, which is confusing? even if it was rejected, there should still be a record with the rejection reason or something shouldn’t there?

For anyone who doesn’t understand how useful this is, the request is to be able to have the game running and have a second viewport,. in the second viewport you are able to click any actor/component etc. to investigate it’s parameters etc.(you can only do this at the moment by clicking in the Outliner)

As well as that, you can also see all volumes cameras etc. It’s an extremely useful feature. I’m currently working on a third person camera, and not being able to see how the camera is interacting when colliding is a real pain.

Hi Unreal Team:

What happened to this feature request back from 2015? UE-15856

This is one feature in Unity that spoke volumes about troubleshooting. If there’s some kind of available workaround to setup, please feel free to post that. I’ve actually tried different ways of doing this, and no matter what, only one viewport is realtime, while all other viewports are stagnant the moment play is hit. Only the viewport with the focus when play is hit becomes ‘realtime’, all other viewports sit at frame 0.

This seems true when ejecting, or, when simulating.

The feature request still exists internally. I’ve pinged the team to see if I can get more info on it.

Hello Amanda.Bott,

I want to update and just be more clear. I didn’t mention, but I am aware of bookmarking viewports in the Unreal Editor. This is an awesome feature but is used for different scopes of troubleshooting.

In Unity, the dynamics allowed by using the scene view (just navigating where you want to go on the fly) while playing the game helps significantly with other scopes of troubleshooting. There is also zero setup to use this feature in Unity; just navigate the scene view while as you normally would while developing, no different while you’re playing.

I hope this helps.

Followed up and we don’t have the resources to dedicate to this feature as it’s relatively complex to implement and they have other priorities for the time being.

Thats disappointing news.

I just started a new job and moved from Unity to Unreal. So far this is the feature I miss the most in Unreal.

Yeah this is very important for debugging. But there is a simple workaround, works very good for me :slight_smile:

You have to work with Render Target & Scene Captures
The Scene Captures Camera will render your scene from your desired perspektive to a render target, now you can open the Render Target in the content browser like a normal texture to preview it. When you play your game the preview of the Render Target Texture will update.

The good thing is. You can have multiple Render Targets. So if you have 3 Monitors on your working space you can make 2 extra Render Targets Cameras and while you are playing your game in the Main Monitor you can see on the monitors left and right the Render Targets updating in realtime
Blueprint Nodes like “Draw Debug Sphere” will work within the Render Targets :slight_smile:
And if you want see the collisions of your collision component in game uncheck “hidden in game”.
And the Scene Captures Cameras are just cameras in the scene so you can blueprint them to follow a driving car in-game for example.

Hope this plugin can help you.
MultiWindows4UE4”: UE4MarketplaceSubmission_Public / MultiWindows4UE4_Public · GitLab

Hi, guys, I’ve used Unity for a previous project and I’m back to UE.
If there is one thing I missed the most from Unity is the Scene View.
It makes debugging much easier and I’m not sure what keeps Epic from implementing it.
I know it’s easier said than done but I’m sure Epic can implement it if you put your mind to it.

I think it can help all users, unlike some other more sophisticated features that will help just a few.
This is a must-have feature if you experienced what’s it’s like on Unity.
So, please put high(highest) priority to this feature and many will really appreciate it.



I would love to be able to see what my game is doing ‘live’ in an editor style viewport while playing the game in a different viewport. This feature really does need implementing at some point.

I was honestly shocked to find this wasn’t a feature of Unreal. I’ve been using Unity for a decade and this feature has been invaluable to my workflow. Working in Unreal without it really feels cumbersome. Its so helpful to have the camera’s viewpoint and then be able to edit the objects from another angle. Please consider adding this feature in - its not sexy but the workflow implications are massive.

As many others have said, moving from Unity to Unreal is really hard when this key debugging feature is missing. Really hope that Epic can find the resources to make this happen, especially with the amount of money they’ve turned over in the last year or so.

bump I don’t get how this is not a standard feature. Hope it comes with UE5.

Plugin that solves this problem neatly: Marketplace Link

I just found it on the marketplace (it’s kinda hidden and should get a showcase from Epic Games imo) and it’s free.

Disclaimer: I have not created this asset nor am I affiliated with it’s creator.

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I have worked in tons of game engines, and Unreal’s incompetence at UI never ceases to amaze me. This is an essential engine feature. Also, that marketplace asset doesn’t work in 4.27, so there’s no hope for you if you’re working in that version.