It is possible to teleport the camera in AR?

Using AR, I am actually trying to teleport the player camera, but it seems it is ignored. Instead I am moving the objects, but anyone knows if its possible to teleport the player camera in AR?

I tried playing around with this before myself. From my own testing, it looks like the ARKit plugin, if it’s active, completely takes over camera movement using its own logic based on the camera, and completely ignores anything else. :confused: If anyone has more info on this, that would be awesome, but at the moment I don’t think that this is possible.

One thing to notice is that AR in UE4 works by accessing the camera component attached to your player pawn. If you try teleporting by accessing the pawn’s location you might get unexpected effects. Try changing the location/rotation of the camera component directly.

Have you found any solutions? In 4.19 I’m trying to teleport the camera without success (just gets ignored). Thanks.

You may have found this already, but for anyone else who stumbles upon this post, as of 4.19 you can use a blueprint node called “Set Alignment Transform” that will move the tracked space to a different area within your UE4 level.

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