It does not work the third layer of the landscape. UE 4.14.1

It does not work the third layer of the landscape. UE 4.14.1
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As a result, I decided to try to create a material with the help of Landscape Blend. It turned out that one can not draw The third material. It is possible to use only two. If you use a third, it just does not boot or the engine fly. And so it does not matter what kind of material is the problem? We’ll have to download the old version of the engine.


Use too many texture samplers in material?
Look at this Max layers exceeded, but I do have less than 16. - UE4 AnswerHub
Actually my test is only 11 samplers can use for 4 layers, in forward rendering reduced to 8…

When will change limit from 16 to 32?:frowning:

This is actually an easy fix. If you switch the “sampler source” on the texture samplers in your landscape material to “Shared: Wrap”, you can add pretty much as many samplers as you would like. I personally have 18 textures in my current landscape material and growing, with all layers being used on a single landscape component without a problem.

The issues are:
-This will only work on Shader Model 5 gpu’s, so high end PC and console only
-There is still an overall limit of 128 shared samplers (though I don’t know how you could really exceed that!)

It’s really solved my problem,Thank you so much!

My pleasure! I’m glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was having the same problem, surprised I found a solution so quickly!

Thank you Nerdsbeware! This problem was giving me a headache.