IsValid error despite there being an IsValid block in the blueprints?

Hello. I am currently getting this information from the crash report when I attempt to destroy a bullet actor:

Assertion failed: SpawningInstances.IsValidIndex(SystemIndex) [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Plugins/FX/Niagara/Source/Niagara/Private/NiagaraSystemSimulation.cpp]

I am confused, as I have an IsValid? Check before the bullet can be destroyed. The only thing that constantly pops up on the error message is pertaining to the Niagara system, which is a component of the bullet. Here is the blueprints I have:

As a note: The bullet spawns inside of the mesh that fires it, yet for some reason the first tick AFTER it spawns, if the bullet is destroyed, then the game crashes.

How do I stop the Niagara particle from crashing the game? Thanks in advance.

I did testing, if the Niagara Particle is removed from the bullet actor, the crash no longer happens, so there is something off with the Niagara particle system only.

I think maybe your error is because the parent turret is not valid, self will always be valid…

Could be wrong :-/

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