Issues with VSCode and Unreal 4

Hello, my fellow intern for my software company is having problems working with Unreal Engine and VSCode. Whenever he runs the two together to work on a project, VSCode eats up 100% of his memory. Here’s what I know about his issue so far:

  • He has 32gb of ram and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB card.
  • VSCode only eats up his memory when using the C++ template of Unreal Engine. Blueprint templates work fine.
  • When he closes VSCode the memory usage drops back to normal, so it probably is a VSCode related problem.

I’ve never had this issue happen to me before, so I had no idea how to help him troubleshoot it. I was wondering if anyone else reading this know of this problem, or can help me find a solution for him. He’s a really good intern, and this issue is causing him to miss out on training sessions since he can’t do anything when his memory is used up like that. Thank you in advance.