Issues with transparent background image

I created a crosshair image with a transparent background to use in my blank project. When I bring the .PNG image into UE4, it turns the whole image red (the color of the crosshairs).

I’m trying to add a custom image to my HUD to use as crosshairs. Do I have to make a material just to draw them? It looks like they just use a texture for the crosshairs in the starter content the FPS template, not a material.

How do I get UE4 to show my images with transparency?

In Unity3D, I think I was doing something like changing the image type to Transparent Diffuse and it would render my texture correctly, with a transparent background.


You will have to add an alpha channel to your image. For the problem with the red parts -> :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m surprised that it’s easier for UE to use a .PSD file than it is to use a .PNG, but for my purposes this works great!!!