issues with textures and materials

hey i am having some issues with my texturing for assets for a college project i create the objects in 3DS Max, unwrap them and create the diffuse in photoshop it looks and renders fine in 3ds max (screen cap below)

but when i put it into UE4 and create the material and apply that too the mesh it looks like this

any help???, if you need further information just ask, i feel like i am missing something but i am rather stuck

can you take a screenshot of your export settings? might be something that just needs ticking

here are my export settings

Before exporting make sure you have applied ResetXform. In export settings, You don’t need Turbosmooth and converting deforming dummes to bones.
Best Regards

Thank you so much! that fixed it, I’ll remember to ResetXform from now on, cheers