Issues with stationery directional light

Hello. I have some problems with stationery directional light.

Firstly, I do not have proper shadows with my landscape. It looks like it is not two sided, so light passes through mesh and do not cast shadows. I checked all two sided options in landscape and material settings, didnt work for me

And shadows on regular meshes are also weird

Last issue is that my merged actors also dont cast shadows at all. I dont know what cause that problem tbh

I hope you guys can help me fix those things)

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Take a look at doc

There’s a parameter called ‘dynamic shadow distance stationary light’. Basically, you use static shadows for everything, except what is near the player. Best compromise…

thanks for the tip.

so I spent a whole day playing with stationery light settings. ‘Dynamic shadow distance stationary light’ helped, but I still cant affirm that as a fix. It can help when meshes are nearby, but what can I do with missed shadows on landscape, which is pretty big to use non static shadows? Tbf I feel like theres no baked static lighting at all when I use stationery light

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You can tell if the static lighting is working, by just moving a mesh that was on the floor.

It will the shadow behind.

This assumes that the mesh was not ‘moveable’, and you temporarily disabled ‘dynamic shadow distance stationary light’ on the directional light.

So after hours of tweaking different things I finally got the result I wanted. Thank you for the help!

I have another small question, my project crashed and I had to load autosave and tweak RVT setup a bit, but after that my meshes looks very weird, they are very bright in shadows after light baking. It is especially noticable sincei am using RVT setup

You can compare those meshes with ones before light baking:

You can also see a lot better blending with landscape with RVT setup

edit: the issue is skylight, for some reason when I set it to “Movable” everything is alright

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