Issues with replicating physics and set actor location

Hey I am currently working on making my game functional for multiplayer and I have run into a snag. The game characters follow along spline and so the horizontal movement is done via set actor location. The jumping and falling however is done via physics. This works total fine in standalone, however when done on a client the movement in the air becomes choppy. I am currently unsure as to the best way to fix this problem and was hoping someone would be able to assist me.

Multiplayer does not like physics.
You can make them all jump and use physics only clientside
Then on event tick you tell server locations, and replicate them without actually doing physics replication server side.

So only local player on local machine has physics, then it tells server its location and server replicates that without physics.
However I am not sure if this will work.

Also for seeking better advice i would suggest joining unreal slackers chat on slack, there are some people that may actually help.

Ok thanks I will give the client side physics and then sending that location to the server a try. And thanks for the info, i will definitely check out the slack chat.